24 October, 2016

This week's loot (23rd October 2016)

Just been chipping away at Tokyo Xanadu PS4 over the past week. Tried catching up with Tekketsu no Orphans but kind of got bored halfway through the first season. For a show with such a grimderp premise with hilarious pandering it somehow manages to be really dull. I'll probably get to it again later. I really do like all the cool robot designs from the parts I haven't gotten to yet.

Random photos of stuff:

17 October, 2016

Stuff (16th October 2016)

Haven't used my DSLR for ages, dug it up and been messing with it for a bit. Took me some time to recall how to use it, as you might be able to see from how the a couple of the photos are pretty bad (hell, I'd forgotten that white balance was even a thing).