16 November, 2018

Megami Device Alice Gear Aegis Agatsuma Kaede

Frame Arms Girl Greifen

HG 1/60 Laevatein Ver. IV

MG Providence Gundam

Loot (October-November 16)

 (Forgot that Spider-Man was in a previous photo)

Nanoha was okay, Godzilla was a great Cthulhu movie, and I really liked Anemone.

Fallout 76 is garbage but I only got it for the helmet anyway.

For Honour is a tremendously fun game but the microtransaction bullshit makes me hate it.

Spider-Man PS4 was fun.

Call of Cthulhu PS4 was pretty much what I wanted from a Call of Cthulhu game, doing what I wanted a CoC game to do and MOSTLY not doing what I did not want one to do. Last parts were underwhelming though.