29 August, 2016

This and last week's loot (28th August 2016)

Been away on business, will be back in Tokyo on Wednesday. Picked up some stuff that's hard to get or pricey in Japan while over here.

The English version of OGMD may be a steaming pile of shit, but it's a steaming pile of shit in 2016. Mark my words, in a decade or so it'll be a hilarious novelty item. Such words... Even I could...

12 August, 2016

This week's loot (14th August 2016) + Comic Market 90

Not much stuff I wanted this time so I'm sticking it all in one post

Day 1:

Tapestries are Katahane x2, the Kuromukuro stuff, and one of the C90 main visual ones.

Kuromukuro doesn't seem very popular but I'm enjoying it. Then again I was enjoying Regalia too so eh.

I sure as fuck hope they don't drop the ball with Baldr Heart like they did with Material Brave and Baldr Sky Zero.

Day 2 and 3:

Yeah not much this time.