30 April, 2018

Loot (29th April 2018)

Haven't been able to update the blog lately due to being busy.

Cleared Sen no Kiseki Kai and Digimon Cybersleuth. Not much to say about Sen since it's basically the same game again, but Digimon is surprisingly good despite being really backwards in a lot of ways.

Avengers was decent and Pacific Rim was better than I'd expected.

02 April, 2018

This week's loot (1st April 2018)

Cleared Valkyria 4 and SRW X.

Valkyria 4 is basically just the first game again, except with more variety (but not TOO much like 2 and 3) in the gameplay and better writing. Straight up the best game in the series.

The gameplay in SRW X is a bit more fun than V's thanks to the new EX action and dogma stuff but the writing ultimately falls short. The characters that do get screentime are handled well enough but a lot are just in the background doing nothing for the whole game, the villains are terrible, and most of the series' stories are fumbled if even handled at all. Not bad, at least.