19 December, 2009

My stuff (other stuff)

Some other stuff. First, my stick poster album.I've never really bought any stick posters; All of mine came with pre-orders of games or magazines. I have the Little Busters ones from G's Magazine, and the sets from pre-ordering TH2X, TTT, and Sumaga. Also have a few others from other places (one from pre-ordering Routes PS2, one from Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, etc.)

And now my card album.

I have almost all of the Weiβ Schwarz Idolmaster cards (due to buying a display box of boosters), but am still missing seven: 002. 006, 027, 032, 051, 056, and 080.
The only secret card I have is Hibiki. Have a couple of promos, though, including about two dozen (!?) of Tenshinranman no Haruka due to an event I went to having a silly "spend a tiny amount of money, get one of this promo card" and me spending a lot of money there.

Also have some other random cards (mostly Little Busters EX and a bit of Persona), and a tiny bit of Lycee. The set of nine on the left page are promos from pre-ordering EX, though.

I also have an old album dating back to my school days with Magic: the Gathering and Lord of the Rings CCG cards, but didn't take any photos of it.

Finally my dog. Woof woof.

And that's all for photos for now. ノシ

My stuff (den, #2)

Now for my toy collection.

Muv-Luv stuff. It's pretty hard to get A3 figures outside of Japan and importing them cost way too much and was way too much of a pain (I ended up buying the Terminator myself on one of my trips there) and I stopped after the Terminator. Besides, most of the releases after the first series are MSV-like things and grunt units; I figured having the main stuff from the games would be enough. I'm considering getting the Ni-gata, though. By the way, if you can't tell, the laptop Sumika is named after Muv-Luv's Sumika. Also, 霞かわいいよ霞。Meiya's alright but I'm 純夏派。 And a tiny bit 霞派。I ROMed on the Muv-Luv main thread in the years between the first game and Alternative but stopped some time after Total Eclipse started, for no real reason in particular.

Figures of galge characters, mostly Leaf. For some reason I have only one Otoboku character and it's the guy in drag. But let me say this: If they release figures for Ruitomo and for some reason I could only choose one, I'd choose Tomo. SO WHAT.More galge figures (except for Yurika from Nadesico in the back and the plakit of Demonbane). Mostly Demonbane. アルは俺の嫁。Kamen Rider. What's there to say? And I like Heisei more than Showa, what of it. And yeah, WAY too crowded.Robots. I dream of the day we see Furumeta and Demonbane in a (non-portable) Suparobo. Especially Demonbane (we're counting on you, Guririba, I hope you haven't satisfied your thirst for chuunibyou lines with Asakim! Therion's way better than him anyway!)
Busou Shinki, Turn X which wouldn't fit into the first robot shelf, and for some reason Haruhi characters striking Rider poses. I also play Battle Rondo, think I'll do a post on that some other time.
More robots. Genesic Gaogaigar and Turn X from the previous photo actually used to be in the first robot shelf but with the addition of the Guren Seiten Hakkyokushiki I had to shift them elsewhere. I'd feel weird with the Guren not alongside Lancelot. The Macross Plus Valkyries are new additions; Before I got them this shelf was just Gundam. And if you can't tell, I like Stardust Memories.
Other stuff, mostly Figma. A lot of Toraha fans don't like the Nanoha TV series, but I enjoy it. Maybe it's because my head insists that Nano-chan is Hokuto Minami and that this Nanoha is thus totally unrelated to Nanoha. It also helps that I like Suparobo.
Tamashii Spec Black Sarena and Madou Goukin Demonbane. Demonbane was kind of disappointing for the price, really. Meanwhile, the Black Sarena is just plain fucking awesome.
More Busou Shinki, and Excelica who's kind of out of place no matter where I put her due to her being the only non-Petit Nendoroid I have.More plakits. Would be purely Gunpla if not for the Aestivalis. The HGUC Psycho took me several years to complete; I did the hands, a leg and the head, then kind of got bored and took a two year break, then did another leg and the hands, took another year off, then finished the rest in a single night. Oh, and this is excluding the year I had it lying around after I bought it. And if you can't tell from the one in here being the third so far, I like the Qubeley.
Anime character figures, mostly Nanoha.
Yes, those Evas are eating fried chicken.
Revoltech stuff. The sword came off when I dropped one of my purple Takemikaduchi's sword rack things and I gave it to the Eva 01 F-type for the hell of it. I really need to move the Laevatein somewhere near to the Robot Damashii Arbalest. I stuck decals on some of the Revoltechs; The most obvious are the NERV logos (yes, I know they're technically wrong) on one of the MP Eva's wings, but I also have some from the MG kit on the Griffons.
Event-exclusive 1/60 Exia (clear Trans-am version). The first and, at the moment, only 1/60 I have. Not that I currently have any plans to get more; Fucker's gigantic.

Event-exclusive Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite Psycho Gundam (Hong Kong Night version).
Kamen Rider narikiri toys (belts and weapons). I'm still searching for Blade's belt and rouser, Garren's rouser, and Chalice's belt/rouser to complete my Blade collection. I may or may not get Decade's Ride Booker later, and I'm still lost on whether or not to get the hideously expensive (and big, for that matter) Perfect Zector to complete my Hyper Kabuto set. The only complete sets I've got are Hibiki's (excluding Armed) and 名護さんは最高です! (including Rising). And yes, that's a lot of boxes.

My stuff (den, #1)

And now photos of stuff in my den or study or whatever people call it. I typically think of it as my "nerd room".
Mountain of mostly unbuilt plakits (not just Gunpla; I have some Armored Core and an itasha in there too) and a couple of empty boxes. The Nineball Seraph right at the bottom of the stack on the desk is the event-exclusive crystal (clear) version from two years ago which I still haven't touched.My desktop PC. I traditionally give my desktop the name I use mainly on IRC, and this is the fourth or fifth to inherit the name. Low-spec because I already had Sumika before I got it; I chose it solely based on the size of the screen (decent) and tower (tiny). I use it mainly to watch stuff and surf the net, but it can run games if they aren't too high-spec or old (because Vista).

Japanese comics. I've a lot of them. Hayate no Gotoku is the series I've followed the longest (in terms of volumes; Going by time it'd be Eva), followed by Kamen Rider Spirits, then Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei. If a series goes on for a long time chances are I never finish it. By the way, though they comprise only around a quarter of my collection, I like reading yonkoma the most.

Bunkobon (mostly light novels). Most of them are here but I have lots lying around the rest of the house; Three are on the desk next to me right now, I think there're around 5-10 in my bedroom, and I know there're at least ten on the dining table. I started off with the Seikai series and Full Metal Panic and the rest is stuff that drew my eye in Kinokuniya or, for the vast majority, random recommendations from Amazon. I love 60-75% of the stuff Amazon recommends me, so when buying new books I nowadays use its recommendations almost exclusively.

My stuff (bedroom)

Just posting random photos of the stuff I have in my bedroom.
Some of my PC games. Like I said before, they're scattered all over. Around half are here, though.
The stuff next to my bed. The cabinets and drawers contain some PC games, DVDs, doujinshi and other miscellaneous stuff (dakimakura, mousepads, booklets, etc.). And as you can see I have random games (Steins;gate, Fallout 3 and Strange Journey) lying around in the middle of nowhere. Also, the Sennheiser HD215 there is the fanciest pair of headphones I have.
The stuff on the other side of my bed. The Dell Vostro is Sumika, which has some fancy hardware and typically runs games with no problem. The other is Yuduki, which takes roughly ten minutes to just boot up. You can only see one in the photo but there're three external HDDs connected to the laptops there, one to Sumika and two to Yuduki.
Tamashii Collectors Super Real Heroes vol. 1 Kamen Rider Faiz. This thing cost a whopping 79,800 yen (currently $880 USD) and is the single most expensive thing related to my hobbies I've bought so far, but isn't all that much compared to how much I've spent on other stuff altogether. Only 555 pieces were produced, of which mine is serial #005. Pretty cool.

18 December, 2009


I recently (around two weeks ago) reorganized my console games; Before, my regular PS2 and Xbox games (all three of them→ Xbox) were in a rack, limited edition PS2 games were in a cabinet in another room on another floor, the DS and PSP games were on a shelf, and the PS3 and 360 games were in another cabinet.

Stuck all of them into some drawers; I couldn't fit everything in, but what's left is at the moment negligible. At the moment, at least. For the most part.

The first drawer is limited stuff, as well as some other stuff that didn't come in regularly-shaped/sized boxes (the .hack//GU and Galaxy Angel trilogy boxes). Still have a couple of them lying around where they were before reorganizing. The hideously oversized Haru no Ashioto couldn't fit in so I still have it in a big cabinet in my den.

Second drawer is mostly PS2. And yes, the stuff there is organized by genre, and yes, I do consider "robot game" to be a genre.

Last drawer is what's left. A few more PS2 games, and all of the PSP, DS, Xbox (+360) ones. As you can probably tell, I don't use the Xbox and 360 much (didn't in the case of the regular Xbox, which I now have kept in a closet). The Xbox was free with a TV I got when moving in to my current place, and the 360, well, I pretty much only got it to play Idolmaster. Since these photos were taken my 360's library has expanded by a whopping 25% with the introduction of Steins;gate (Ace Combat and Katamari Damashii are sharing one case in there, if you can't tell). I also plan to get Chikyuuboueigun 3 for it sooner or later, and probably Armored Core For Answer (which I already have on the PS3) just to play with people I know who don't have PS3s. Actually, better idea, they should go get PS3s.

I reorganized most of my PC games too but lots of them are still lying around in different rooms and I didn't take any photos. Playstation and Saturn games are still lying where they were before.

The next time I go reorganize stuff it'll probably be my CDs or light novels.

First post.

Starting a blog on a whim. Yay for me.

魔法少女 ブログ、はじめました。