26 December, 2009

What the fuck.

Thunderstorm here right now.

Lightning struck and shorted my power, and when it came back up fucking Vista on my desktop decided that the wired connection to my router doesn't fucking exist anymore.
What. The. FUCK?

Device manager's network adapters only has my wireless thing left, so fried card, probably.


Ah well, still have wireless which is better than nothing, and I don't download anything on the desktop anyway; It's too crappy to run any of the games I have on Steam. Even Audiosurf.

25 December, 2009

Armored Core For Answer

Some of my ACs from ACFA.

Tales of Vesperia

Just for the hell of it, some shots of my stuff in Vesperia which I cleared about two months ago.

Only one playthrough so far, really need to start on my second.

24 December, 2009


It's Christmas and being Catholic and all I ought to be attending midnight mass tonight.

Instead I shall spend the whole day in my room playing video games.

Addition: And at 2 AM on Christmas day I finally cleared Tales of the Abyss.


One of the games I got from Steam's holiday sale was Audiosurf which is pretty cool. And at only $2.50 right now it's a total steal.

Just saying.

23 December, 2009

Busou Shinki

I've been playing Battle Rondo for some time now (date on my earliest screenshot says 27th December 07, so almost two years) and figured I ought to do a post on it.

I don't play much, and it typically takes me a looooong time to raise a single Shinki. I've been raising my Werkstra-type since the update that added them, and my Eukrante-type for... I can't even remember how long.

I've pretty much given up on getting my Eukrante to S-class due to an abyssmal victory rate, though, so I'm only really raising the Werkstra right now.
Basically I just have her jet the hell out of the enemy's range and snipe at them till they die. Simple, but effective. Well, sort of; Lately there've been a lot of people using those accursed Ach-type's leg parts and the skill that comes with them even cancels out Angelic Sky which is annoying the hell out of me. Ah well.

My highest-levelled Shinki is Sumika the black Arnval-type at level 180, but my strongest is Yuduki (white Arnval) at 150, also the first I ever had.
I guess I did something right while raising her; Her AI's the smartest of all my Shinki, using skills with deadly efficiency. And by skills I mean Tempest.

Here're some of my stats.
And finally, a two-shot of Yuduki and Sumika.
And that's all for now. ノシ

Steam's holiday sale

looks pretty awesome.

Didn't get much, just these:
The only other things I really want are Arkham Asylum and Dawn of War II but I'll wait till they're cheaper.

I've also been pondering getting that Sherlock Holmes VS Cthulhu game for some time but no sale and I've heard bad things about the gameplay. Maybe if/when it's down to $5 or so.

Addition, 24th December 09: Also got Silent Hunter: Wolves of the Pacific ($10) and Splinter Cell: Double Agent ($5)

26th December: Got Indigo Prophecy ($3) too. I've been interested in Heavy Rain ever since seeing it in a magazine a couple of months ago and this is a spiritual predecessor to it, apparently.

3rd January: Last day of sale. Got Splinter Cell (the first one, $5), the Sherlock Holmes VS Cthulhu game I mentioned above (The Awakened, it was $10 but eh), the Blazing Angels pack (whim, $12.50), HAWX (also whim, $15) and Red Alert 3 Uprising (I'd been planning on getting it for ages anyway, $7 is just plain awesome).

So, in the end roughly $90 altogether for fourteen games. Pretty nice.

22 December, 2009

Steins;Gate review

Figured I'd start reviewing stuff here. Since Steins;Gate is the most recently cleared game in my library, I guess I'll start with it.
Steins;Gate is the second game in the 5pb. x Nitroplus collaboration's "science adventure series", following Chaos;Head. It takes place in the same world, but aside from a handful of slight references is wholly unrelated. I found this is a good thing, for reasons discussed before.

Anyway, the premise of the game is simple; The protagonists accidentally invent a machine that can send mail back in time and thus change the past, and get embroiled in a giant conspiracy. To discuss (which, I'd like to note, the game's manual does) is to spoil some awesome shit, and if you're planning on getting the game I'd advise refraining from reading any more (also avoid the manual and official site; Hell, seal the internet). If you're not, keep reading.

(Spoilers, highlight to read) The main characters mess with their device and change the past a couple of times, until one day some armed thugs burst in to their hideout and kill one of them, Shiina Mayuri. Their time machine has been upgraded and can now send a person's memories and consciousness back in time, and the protagonist, Okabe Rintarou, uses it to try and save her. No matter what he does, and how many times he tries, though, she ends up dying on the same day at the same time, not just from being shot but from all sorts of reasons, including some nutty accidents.

It turns out that (LOL SCIENCE warning) the world's timeline is composed of countless world-lines intertwined, representing countless possibilities, but each world-line is enveloped in an "attractor field" which determines what will happen no matter what, and that due to their meddling with their machine they are currently on a world line that will no matter what lead to Mayuri's death and even better, SERN (the game world's counterpart of CERN) creating a time machine (oh, and their LHC was made for creating black holes for a time machine) in 2034 "conquering space-time" in 2036 and bringing about a dystopian rule by the Committee of 300.

(Bigger spoilers ahead, this is a good point to stop reading.)
Anyway, Okabe sets out to fix time and get back to his original world line only to recall that in his original world, he saw one of his friends (also main heroine), Makise Kurisu, dead. He's thus faced with having to decide which of the two lives or dies.

I won't spoil the ending but it's better than I thought it'd be.

I went in with practically no prior knowledge at all, didn't bother to look at the official site, and of course didn't read the manual, getting the game only because I need more 360 games. I wasn't expecting much (because, again, Chaos;Head), but it betrayed my expectations in a good way.

Anyway, what's a review without evaluating shit with numbers based solely on your own opinion? Thus, with 10 being utterly flawless, 5 being average and 0 being total rubbish...

Plot/setting: 9

Writing: 7
Good for the most part but a lot of endings are, as I said, half-assed, and there's way too much in the way of plot holes and unexplained stuff.

Characters: 9

Sound: 9
(Music: 8, Voice: 10)

System: 6
The phone trigger system is a cool concept but worked out horribly, and auto saves could be done better. The tips system is nice, otherwise the game's system is nothing special.

Overall: 8
(Not an average, just something I slap on after considering other factors)

Edit (June 2012): I'd just like to add that this is one of those games that gets better when you look back at it some time later. Gave it an 8 when I first cleared it, would give it a 9-10 now.

     /  λ
    / ´・ω・)   <トゥットゥルー
 _, ‐'´  \  / `ー、_   
/ ' ̄`Y´ ̄`Y´ ̄`レ⌒ヽ
{ 、  ノ、    |  _,,ム,_ ノl
'い ヾ`ー~'´ ̄__っ八 ノ
\ヽ、   ー / ー  〉
  \`ヽ-‐'´ ̄`冖ー-/

21 December, 2009

I just noticed...

That with the addition of Master Special Winter and Dream Symphony 02 (which I just got last Thursday), my Idolmaster playlist has hit 10 hours.

And that's excluding talk tracks and stuff I don't like (some covers, mostly from Radio, and most of the remasters).

The current contents of my iPod (which I've named Chihaya) are:

Altogether, Idolmaster audio adds up to around 3 GB = more than a third of all my audio. Nice.

By the way, 千早は俺の嫁。 Just saying.

Kira ☆ Kira on the Apple apps store

I just noticed that Mtrix has released Kira ☆ Kira for the iPhone. Damn it, why do they keep releasing stuff that I already have that I for some reason want to buy again? Thankfully between Gift and Memories Off and my ripping DVDs and sticking Idolmaster videos onto mine, I'm out of space and can't buy it (I know this because I got a space warning when my instinct made me hit the buy button immediately upon seeing it). Well, not for now, at least.

Aside from the unnecessarily lol wut (spoiler) LOL MAIN HEROINE DIES IN A FIRE route, it's good. And at under $20, cheap too. Judging from Gift this is probably a toned-down port of the PC version, not the PS2 version, but the only real difference anyway is the songs and the PC version's are better anyway.

Don't blame me if you end up spending several times that on getting all the d2b CDs after though.

Steins;Gate, clear

Cleared Steins;Gate in three days. Hooray for me.
Total playtime of 36 hours which adds up to, what, 12 hours a day? Nice.

I only really got it because I felt I needed more games for the 360. Also, I hated Chaos;Head (PC version, they apparently added more shit to the 360 version but I'm never touching that thing or anything related to it again) and thus wasn't expecting much, especially since I'd heard that this takes place in the same universe. But I hated Chaos;Head pretty much from the beginning (mostly due to the main character rubbing me the wrong way), while I immediately started to enjoy Steins;Gate. I was wary, though, because it was the last bits of Chaos;Head that really spoiled the whole thing for me (ridiculous story and magic swords and the main character annoying the fuck out of me, among other things).

Well, I finished all of Steins;Gate and I can confidently say that it was fantastic.

Only two complaints; First is that pretty much all the endings besides the true one being kind of half-assed. But eh, the true end made up for it. Second is what the fuck is up with all the plot holes and half-assed pseudoscience?

Speaking of the true end (highlight for spoilers), I usually hate the whole "she forgets him and he resigns to never meeting her again but then she walks pass him by sheer chance on the street and she turns around" thing, but then the "joshu" made up for all of it. It doesn't make sense to me HOW it should make me all happy about everything when I think about it, but it did, so eh.

Ah well, time to find something else to play.

Addition, 22nd December 09: I found that last CG I was missing in the above picture.
..Gel Mayu.

20 December, 2009

SRH Faiz

Tamashii Collectors Super Real Heroes Vol. 1: Kamen Rider Faiz. Released March 08, at 79,800 yen (around $880 USD).

As I said before, only 555 pieces were produced, of which I have the one with serial number #005. Single-digit, which is pretty cool.

Anyway, photos.

Close-up. By the way, all photos except for the first were taken some time ago, so the arrangement of stuff around it don't match (didn't have a 360 yet back then, too).

The Faiz Gear. Also, in making this thing they did a 3D scan thing of the suit actor. Thus, bulge.

The serial plate.

And of course it lights up.

Pretty steep price, but worth it. If you're a rich bastard, that is.