31 December, 2010

White Album 2 -introductory chapter- (2)

Finished the novel a few days ago and cleared my second playthrough today.


Like, fucking DAMN.

All of a sudden I hate Haruki.


Kazusa is definitely a Maruto heroine.

This may very well turn out to be Maruto's greatest work yet, WHERE THE FUCK IS THE NEXT GAME DAMN IT?


27 December, 2010

Unrelated but I'll be in Tokyo from the 5th to 10th. Arriving late on the 5th and leaving early on the 10th so it'll just be the 6th to 9th, except that I have stuff to do on the 8th to the 9th which leaves me with a whopping two days to myself.

Ah well, better than nothing.

24 December, 2010

Looking back at 2010

Well, it's Christmas Eve and I've nothing better to do (haven't gotten round to reading the WA2 novel yet because I'm not in a reading mood) so I figured I'd just write some stuff instead.

So here you have it, a series of *****-of-the-year things.

Megasize Model 1/48 RX-78 Gundam
Gigantic, fun and easy to build, affordable, looks amazing, and did I mention gigantic? The beam saber blades are longer than chopsticks. This thing is just spectacular. Some people complain about articulation but it's not that bad, they can go fuck themselves.

S.H. Figuarts
Great assortment (aside from when the assholes make stuff web shop exclusives for no fucking reason), great accessories (aside from a certain few AGITO AGITO AGITO), great sculpts (aside from the proportions on a few), and what the hell they have Kamen Rider. That sounds like win to me.

Soukyuu no Karuma / Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / Full Metal Panic!
Couldn't decide on one, so here, have a tie between three. Haganai is the usual Hirasaka Yomi stuff, so there's not much to say here. Karuma is... unique (in a good way). I've been following Furumeta and been waiting for the ending for ages and it ended wonderfully. So yeah, that's a tie. (Oreimo? Not bad but not good enough to be up here.)

Super Street Fighter IV / Lost Planet 2
Forgot to include Super IV in the picture and couldn't be bothered to go take another. Anyway, yeah, I don't think Super IV needs an introduction. I can't compare it to other games in the series because the last Street Fighter I played before it was Zero 2, but I can certainly say that it was (or rather, still is) horrendous fun. I really ought to renew my gold Live membership sometime so I can play it online again. Had some friends who play the arcade version over the other day and totally trashed them (they said it's because we were using controllers but PERFECT). サイコパワーの前にひれ伏せえぃ!
Lost Planet 2, ever the underdog, slandered by retards spewing shit from their faces. It's a fantastic game, it's just that people can't fucking throw away their preconceptions. It has guns and action, therefore it must be like every other fucking game with guns and action (i.e. Halo and Call of Duty). Fuck you assholes, seriously. Few things are as satisfying as your team working together to get the railway gun working smoothly, or working a multi-seater VS with all the seats actually filled. But unfortunately you're much more likely to just get a game over when some dumbfuck runs ahead and grabs the three-seater VS and runs off with it without letting anyone else get in, gets it destroyed, then charges in shooting at the boss with his crappy rifle and gets trampled to death six times in a row.

Fallout: New Vegas / Zero no Kiseki
New Vegas is Fallout 3 all over again, for better or worse. It's lacking in really awesome stuff like Tranquility Lane and Liberty Prime, but it has its share of cool moments, like the Enclave Remnants showing up to help you in the final battle.
Zero no Kiseki was a bit too short but otherwise it was great. Also the next game is due 2011 which makes me very happy indeed. ティオかわいいよティオ

Otome wa boku ni Koishiteru: Futari no Elder
The individual routes and endings were way too short (one might even say abrupt), but it made up for them with memorable and likeable characters and a solid common route. I enjoyed it more than Otoboku 1. Also Chihaya is my wife er wait never mind.

Another Century's Episode R
How the fuck did this happen, seriously? Awesome series, awesome cast, new console with better hardware. How the fuck can you screw that up this bad? Fuck you guys.

22 December, 2010

White Album 2 -introductory chapter-

Finally got round to starting on White Album 2.

It's good. Not that that should be at all surprising, considering how it's Maruto and all (Parfait and Konnyaku would definitely be in my top 5 list if I had such a thing).

lol wut


Well these are annoying.
1) I'm using a fucking laptop, I don't want to stick the disc in all the time.
2) If you want me to leave the disc in then STOP FUCKING CHECKING IT EVERY FIVE SECONDS. This is probably Windows but I'll navigate to a different hard drive and the fucking disc drive starts whirring and clicking. Or I'll do a virus scan and it starts whirring and clicking. Or I start up an entirely fucking unrelated game and guess what, it starts whirring and clicking. If you can't tell, I'm finding it really fucking annoying.
3) Do you guys really think disc checks stop piracy? Seriously? Man, I'm tempted to just go fucking crack this already and be done with it.

Seriously, what's the fucking point of not allowing disc-free play? It's just annoying. Stop it already. Serial keys are enough.

Also, hooray for weird bugs.
At least this doesn't actually do anything too bad. TH2AD on my other, older laptop was terrible, sometimes the text and/or graphics would just refuse to display at all and sometimes it'd just crash, leaving me with no options other than a forced restart.

Edit (23rd December): Cleared the game.

Holy shit that was good.

I was expecting something unfulfilling for the ending due to the whole to be continued be sure to play part 2 thing but it wasn't too bad, considering.

Everything from Setsuna's birthday party to the ending was just wonderful.

I'm actually now pretty glad that I put off playing it for this long because this way the wait for the second half won't be as long. HURRY UP DAMN IT.

Edit: I'm still missing two CGs and was going to start on my second playthrough but I took a look at the novel that came with the game (first edition) and the foreword says to read it after the first playthrough but before the second.
Guess really clearing the game will have to wait for awhile.

Also I'm starting to feel like playing Parfait again.


>>WHITE ALBUM2 ~closing chapter~


Totally unrelated but the results for that Amazon eroge character poll are out.
...I voted for Chihaya.

18 December, 2010

Milky Holmes PSP (3)

Figured I'd elaborate more about the game.

It's split up into five chapters, each about half an hour long. No route splits or even individual endings- The choices you make only affect a couple of events (excluding the game overs from failing to solve the cases).


The game itself is decent. Investigating is somewhat linear- You're presented with a map of the area with icons of the characters on it. Select one to talk with her and if it's a member of G4 they'll probably tell you something important, and if it's a member of MH they'll ask you to check out the place at which point you're presented with a CG and supposed to select something suspicious which is usually pretty obvious. Each case has only four such clues, one for each MH member.

It's pretty linear but I personally feel that that's not too bad a thing- I have way too many memories of wandering wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do next in stuff like Gyakuten Saiban and Mikagura Shoujo Tanteidan. But even so, there's just not enough volume here. The mysteries aren't even in scale to the number of clues needed to solve them- They're simpler. Most of the time you'll know precisely what's going on and what's going to happen before you're even halfway done with the investigation. This is even though they sometimes discover things and don't even tell you what it is they found.

The ADV parts are nice, because it's fully voiced (thoughts too) and you can advance or turn on auto mode even with the text box hidden, like in GA2. The backlog's there too; People take that for granted these days but there's still way too many games without logs. Only complain I have is the lack of an option to make skip work only for unread text.

Action sequences are the coolest thing in here. They're a throwback to good old FMV QTEs, but executed better than most. Direction buttons are used to pursue the culprit and dodge attacks, simple enough. The cool part is when other stuff happens and you need to use the girls' powers; Instead of the typical "press X" stuff, each girl is assigned a particular button that's used for her throughout the game, so even before the countdown starts you can start guessing what power to use. I liked that, and it sure beats the typical "press up press X press O press X wiggle the stick mash X" stuff you get most of the time.

The Arsene fight was nutty, though, and I was playing on difficulty 2.

So yeah, the game was pretty good, with the only flaw being that it was too short. Unfortunately, that's a critical flaw. As a result it's hard to bond with the characters, or even see how the characters could be bonding among themselves. The episodic format is emulating a TV show (you even get the OP and ED for each chapter, in fact) but if this were an actual show people would be complaining about the horrible pacing. Also, there's literally nothing depicted outside of the investigations which is also pretty bad for a character game.

All in all it just feels rushed, and worse, incomplete.

Ah well, apparently a sequel's already been announced. I'll be getting it, the sucker that I am. It was better than GA2, at least.

Also, Kobayashi's personality changes wayyyyy too much whenever he starts solving stuff.

Milky Holmes PSP (2)

Cleared the game.




Was that?

Seriously what the fuck?

There's nothing wrong with the game, it's just... short.

Really short.


16 December, 2010

Milky Holmes PSP


By the way, I'll be in Japan again early January which is why I haven't gotten Graces and Gundamusou 3 and Suparobo L and so on yet.

Edit (17th December): It arrived today.


The Weiss Schwarz cards.


And just for the hell of it, my other Nendoroids.

Up till about a month ago, all I had was Exelica. And then all of a sudden three more. Yay.

Unrelated- Nendoro is nice but god I hate the collectors. Bunch of fucking scalpers and scum who buy games they've never heard of just to get the fucking things, leaving people who actually care about the series dry. Fuck you assholes, seriously.