27 July, 2010

Read Zutto, Stand By Me (1)

Finished reading the first half of Zutto Stand By Me (also Haganai #4) yesterday.

I think I'm going to go through all of Furumeta again sometime in the near future.

Somewhat related, all my other Furumeta books have the old covers so the last two will kind of look out of place. Bah.

Thoughts (spoilers):

>>Amalgam is a secret society founded during the cold war blah blah blah

...Metal Gear Solid with corrupt capitalists instead of AIs?
Yeah, I realise Gato probably had this stuff thought up long before MGS3 but I just went through PW and 4 (again) and can't help but think this.

>>Kurtz alive

>>Mardukas, Mao and Ben's flags
Doubt they'll die.

Last words were awesome.

One of the future short stories will take place after the series ending and feature him going to Akihabara, you can bet on it. Also, chuckled at the box.

Black Salena flight unit-style add-on with Gravion-esque turn limit? (I'm guessing 2-3)
Weapons will include the missiles and shit but no melee and no using the strongest attack which will show up in the next book.
Of course it will have a MAPW, A for sky, four upgrade part slots, post-movement attack range of over 6, and its weakest weapon's power will be over 5000 before any upgrades.


Fuck Kyoani and stick the novel in already damn it Terada.


I haven't been visiting the Furumeta threads on 2ch for ages and browsed through the main one today and



...I wouldn't mind seeing a Ring-ish "we borrowed the general setting and atmosphere but otherwise this has nothing to do with the source material at all" thing, personally. The not-Sousuke main character should of course be named Seagal.


I'll just leave these here.

God damn it, I'm starting to want that Alter Arbalest.

I'll leave it up to chance; If I see it on sale anywhere (offline), I'll get it immediately.

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