17 August, 2010

Loot (Japan, summer 2010)

Yeow, that's a lot.

Too much to fit into a single photo, so I'm splitting it up into several. Also, some stuff I got seem to have gone missing, namely a cheap card deck case (I've been starting to play Weiss Schwarz lately), some card album sleeves, new nippers, a big fan with Ensemble/Pulltop stuff on it, and several hotcakes stuffed with margarine and maple syrup.

DVDs and games

I've been meaning to get the Decade & W movie for a pretty long time, and the first Gundam movie trilogy for even longer. Finally got round to doing so. Heard good things about the 360 version of W.L.O. (Aina route pretty much rewritten). I'd decided on getting Battle Masters and FFXIII (my last FF was X-2 which I didn't clear, cleared X though) before heading over. Everything else was pretty much whim. Oh, by the way, the randomly-inserted message card in W.L.O.? I got Arisa. That makes me very happy indeed.


Love Muv-Luv, love Maruto, loved Kira☆Kira, loved Baldr Force, loved Hapinesu, love Nekoneko, loved Otoboku 1. ...yeah.


Considered getting the Prism Bicker but decided against it due to the sword looking kind of pathetic (of course that applies to pretty much every other Rider sword/rod toy but among those I own Ixa's thing is a gun too, the King Rouser is awesome, and the Leangle Rouser doesn't look too bad, it just looks more like a magic girl stick than a staff). I considered getting the Skull Magnum and Lost Driver too on the last day but didn't have space in my luggage. Been meaning to get appropriately-sized musical instrument toys for some time, now that I have some you'll probably see photos of Heisei riders as rock stars on here somewhere in the near future. Hibiki will of course be the drums.

Model kits

Hi-Nu and Wing Zero Custom are for friends, actually. The guy getting Zero is having it as his first Gunpla ever. Incidentally, it was my first too. MG W's fingers look funny but it otherwise looks pretty cool, I'll probably be doing it soon.

CDs and books

Yes, I already have that Annindoufu artbook, and yes, I got it again. I planned to buy one comic and use the rest of my money for lunch on the last day, browsed through a bookshop, got and read Giga Tokyo Toybox #1, and ended up buying the next two volumes and munching on spicy chicken from Family Mart instead. Eh. As for CDs, I didn't like Shiny Smile all that much at first but it's been growing on me lately like some sort of alien fungus, possibly from Pluto. My favourite version is Yukiho doing it solo. See, now I'm all fucking depressed again, damn it. They really ought to release one last CD featuring Yurisii to satisfy the fans. Hell, they could even toss in whatshername, that new girl, and have them do a duet or two to help ease in the transition. But instead noooo, they just drop a fucking bomb on us at the live and grumble grumble grumble grumble grumble ......

Comiket stuff (1)

Caramel Box's Odekake Summer Set and 5pb's Steins;gate set. I was seriously considering getting the Chihaya dakimakura cover from Caramel Box but eventually decided against it because 1) 8,000 yen is money that can be better spent on more games (I ended up just getting doujinshi and eating more though) and 2) Do I really need a dakimakura of a guy in drag? (Not really, but I wouldn't say that I don't want it. I still kind of do actually. Eh.). Unrelated, but I was also considering getting the Akiko dakimakura from Ensemble too. ...what?

Comiket stuff (2)

Sakurasse fanbook from Palette and Idolmaster stick poster set from Gemaga. Why is it so fucking difficult to find sleeves for Stick Posters, anyway? My album's been full for ages with each sleeve holding at least four posters. Gah.

Comiket stuff (3)

âge set and Kuribayashi Minami postcard set B from âge (duh) and Achikoi set from ASa Project. If you didn't notice, I wanted the Chronicles 01 set from âge but they were sold out. Every day. Even when I woke up at 3 to get on the first train. Fuck you, âge.

Comiket stuff (4)

The catalogue, and the Nekoneko set from (no surprise here) Nekoneko. I can still hardly believe that I managed to not at all notice for a year that they'd released a new game.

Comiket stuff (doujin)

Mostly Muv-Luv and Idolmaster. Saw some Oreimo and Shutage stuff but it didn't really interest me. Also as for Excelica, I saw Excelica on the cover, was amazed at seeing an Excelica book that isn't Crueltear, and got it without looking inside only to find out later that it's 10% Excelica 20% Crueltear and 70% penis. Damn it.

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