09 January, 2010

Ace Combat 6

I went and bought a Saitek Aviator flight stick for the 360 (i.e.- For Ace Combat 6). It's nice.

Also ended up caving in and getting more DLC. Chihaya Strike Eagle.

I still suck at the game terribly, though. Eh.

My current gaming setup

Currently have both laptops, the PS3, PS2, and 360 in my bedroom.
The extra keyboard is so that I don't break my neck bending over in odd positions while trying to use the laptop keyboard.

07 January, 2010

Cleared RA3: Uprising (Campaign Mode)

In pretty much a single night. That was short.

The new units were fun, though. Cryo Legionnaire and Desolater Trooper and above all the Giga Fortress. Ah, the Giga Fortress. Giant flying beam-spitting robot head. What's there not to like?

Cleared Indigo Prophecy


The last third of the game just kind of ruined the whole experience.

The annoying action sequences (LOL RANDOM BASKETBALL and such) at the beginning were pretty bad but the suspense and setting and all were interesting enough to keep me playing.

And then Lucas became a zombie and fought a Mayan oracle with kung-fu and psychokinetic powers while floating in mid-air sideways, jumped a shark helicopter, ran along a wall and hadoukened a glowing orange energy man thing that was the physical avatar of an artificial intelligence that gained sentience from the internet in the 80's.It's even more fucking stupid than it sounds.

05 January, 2010


Nendoroid Petit Idolmaster Stage 02 arrived.

The thing arrived in the country almost a month ago but the goddamned post apparently thought it was a bomb or something and decided to hold on to it till now.

Group shot with stage 01.

In display case.

No prizes for guessing who's my least favourite.

03 January, 2010

What the fuck, Amazon?

Seriously, what the fuck?
Note that most of the stuff in the first shipment are in stock. They could perfectly well split the order up into two equal shipments. But no, they decide to ship me a single fucking book and wait till February to send me the rest of my stuff.

Oh, and also note the shipping date on said single fucking book. It's yesterday.