30 January, 2010

The Idolmaster Special Live @ Playstation Home Day 2

Random shots from around the area.

2000h: Yukiho (Colourful Days), Yukiho and Haruka (The Idolm@ster)
2200h: Haruka (Shiny Smile), Yukiho (The Idolm@ster)

0000h: Yukiho (Shiny Smile, The Idolm@ster)

0200h: Yukiho (The Idolm@ster), Haruka and Yukiho (Shiny Smile)

And finally, me.

I'll be around for Chihaya tomorrow (well, later today) but won't be able to see anything from then on due to being kept away from home yet again. Just my fucking luck.


Ah well, there's always Niconico, I guess.


Finished reading Nekuroma. (6). Only ∞ left.

This would go into my top five series list if I had such a thing.

Just saying.

The Idolmaster Special Live @ Playstation Home

Missed the first due to stuff I had to do and second due to technical difficulties (I reached the area in time but Home went all "lol your loading wasn't done in time come back in two hours") and finally managed to catch the third. Hooray.