11 February, 2010

Bukiya White Glint

I've finally started on my White Glint. One arm done.

So that this doesn't end up taking two years like my Psycho Gundam, I'm staying offline from now on till it's done.

Totally unrelated but I think I'll be getting the Granzon kit next.

Addition, 11th February 2010: By "staying offline" I meant except for progress reports here. Finished both arms and a leg. I'm doing the panel lining as I go along. Think I'm about halfway done.

I plan to display the thing in in-game OB mode (i.e.- With the core's boosters all out but not really transformed like in the opening) with the assault armour things out. To replicate how the fucker just loves to AA you while OBing past with perfect timing in the game.

I'm considering making one of the ACs I use in the game out of kit parts but changed my mind after considering how much it'd cost, how many parts I'd have left over, and how much painting I'd have to do (don't forget how I can't even paint), and how as far as I know some of the parts hasn't even made their way into Bukiya's VI series yet.

I'm pretty sure that this setup is overweight in the current regulation. Can't remember which one I used it in, but eh.

Head- Hogire
Core- Aaliyah
Arms- Lahire
Legs- Glint
Shoulders: Boosters
Left arm weapon: Laser bazooka
Right arm weapon: Dragonslayer
Back weapons: 少佐 Acrux x2
Stabilizers: I'm not even going to bother to try figuring out.
(If you can't tell, these parts were chosen solely based on how they look)

Let's see, to get all these, I'd need: Supplice (core and laser blade, 4620 yen), Stasis (arms and laser bazooka, 5460 yen), White Glint (legs, 7140 yen), Hogire (head, 5040 yen). So yeah, that'd be 22260 yen not including whatever I'd have to get for the boosters and laser cannons (assuming they make a kit of the Reiterpallasch and weapon sets with the boosters, that'd probably be around another 12000 yen).

And of course I'd need to go paint everything.

...yeah, not a good idea.

I think I'll get the Noblesse Oblige and Unsung later, though.

Addition, 15th February 2010: Finally finished the White Glint.

07 February, 2010

New PSP.

Yeah, that was fast, I know.

The one that got stolen was a 2000 series, this new one's a 3000. I'd been pondering over getting one for some time but the 2000 was serving me pretty well and I'd been putting it off. But with it gone, there wasn't anything stopping me.

Anyway, the new PSP.
As is my usual habit, my very first action upon unpacking the thing was slapping stickers on. Turned out pretty nice this time.