20 February, 2010

I need to arrange my stuff better

So, there's been a disc on my SRH Faiz's base for I can't even remember how long, upside-down, and I'd just been leaving it there, not really caring. And then yesterday I finally turned it over to look at what it was and...

Metal Wolf Chaos? What the fuck are you doing here, I took down the Xbox over half a year ago! (The disc below it is the first from the Anime Legends complete 08th MS Team DVD set, I have no idea what it's doing there either)

Anyway, after that, I decided to go mess around in L4U and...

I naturally looked in the Ace Combat 6 case thinking it got swapped with L4U but it was empty.


ACFA is of course still in my 360 where I've been messing around a lot lately. Nice.

Anyway, yeah. I really need to arrange my stuff better.

Oh, and I returned the 360 games to their rightful positions but Metal Wolf and 08th MS Team #1 are still on Faiz's base. Eh.

18 February, 2010


tsumigē  –noun [Japanese : tsumi, stack + gē, game.]
1.  A video game, typically of the puzzle genre, in which you stack blocks or other similar objects.

2.  Video games a person has bought but not played.

I've been building up a considerable backlog of games over the years due to being busy, not feeling like playing them or just out of pure procrastination. Went and stacked them up for the hell of it and took a photo.

I'm defining tsumige here as stuff I haven't cleared yet, not not touched entirely. That being said, aside from TtT PS3 and TOD2 (both in which I got to the entrances of the last dungeons and then just kind of stopped) I further defined "haven't cleared" to "less than 25% cleared".

A lot are still entirely untouched, though. Plus I left some out because I couldn't find them (Tales of Legendia though I have the disc in my Suparobo OGs case, Megazone 23 for the PS3, some Xbox shooter that came free with Metal Wolf Chaos, Sakura Taisen 2 PC, Sumaga Special, and Canvas 2 DVD to name a few).

Note that there're also games I mean to play but haven't even bought yet, and of course this stack excludes the downloads from Steam.

Toraha 1・2・3 is in there but I've already cleared all of 3 and Lyrical Toybox and about half of 2.

I'm pretty sure that the oldest entry in that stack is Summon Night 3 from 2003. That's seven years ago. Ouch.

Addition, 5 minutes later: Oh, and only after I write all this do I recall that I forgot about the PS and SS games I had stacked too. Ouch.

Plus, if you count Gungriffon for the Saturn which I used to have, never played, lost, and then bought again one or two years ago in a used game shop in Akiba, scratch Summon Night 3 because my record goes up to at least eleven years (which is when my Saturn broke down and thus when I know I had the game for sure, the actual number is higher than that).


Addition, 20th February:

Oh, and I totally forgot about the games I got off the Playstation Store too. Have a ton there including Policenauts in which I've been stuck at the time bomb bit for at least a year.

Finally, the Steam games in my backlog I mentioned before:
Blazing Angels, Blazing Angels 2, Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood (I have no idea why I bought this), Nexus- The Jupiter Incident, Overlord, The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened, Silent Hunter 4, HAWX, Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell Double Agent (I'm having problems running this on non-crap graphics mode so I'll probably wait till I get a new computer, which may be sometime at the end of the year).

16 February, 2010

My den (ver. February 2010)

I just got a new camera. Anyway, I've been trying to figure out how to use it, took a couple of somewhat decent snapshots, and figured I'd stick them up here.

Addition, 20th February: This turned out pretty nice so upload.