01 March, 2010


I've been lying around in bed the past few days not doing much. Played a bit of PSP Nanoha A's and EDF3 but I just can't seem to get into them. Not in the mood, I guess; I've clocked up, what, a whopping six hours of gametime in EDF3 in four days? When I am in the mood I usually clock up at least ten times that (I cleared Vesperia in three days and SRW OG Gaiden overnight).


Ended up doing some reading. Finished Miimaa #3, Gineiden #1 and Anis to Fukigen na Mahoutsukai #1. Miimaa was odd as usual, Gineiden is fucking awesome and Anis was somewhat disappointing.

Anyway, I think I'll be doing the Granzon and some reading this week. I have a lot of stuff to read (that isn't even all of it), after all.

Totally unrelated but if you haven't noticed I've given the blog a bit of a makeover. Colour scheme and banner and all.