12 March, 2010

Old Loot

Thought it'd be cool to compile all my old (bigger) loot photos together.

Unfortunately that isn't turning out very well; I burn old photos to DVD and misplace them, thus I only have (relatively) recent photos or stuff that I for some reason didn't put in my main photo folder.

If I ever find any others I'll stick them up here as well, but for now, this is all (not in any particular order):

The box my SRH Faiz came in. PSP game case for scale.

Takashimaya one day decided to have a toy sale with old Rider toys at ridiculously low prices. Very nice.

From events.

Stuff from trips to Japan.

(Edited on 8th June 2010: Found more photos)

Cleared up my desk


Now I have a somewhat decent amount of space to work on my larger kits. Yay.

10 March, 2010


tsumibon  –noun [Japanese : tsumi, stack + hon(bon), book.]
Books a person has bought but not read.

I have way too many books backlogged.

Got a new TV

42 inches, and of course full HD.

In addition to the stuff I had connected to the previous TV, I hooked up my oldest laptop too for the hell of it. Totally need a wireless keyboard and mouse for it now, though.

Addition, 13th March 2010: Final(?) setup looks like this.

Mazda Savanna RX-7 Complete

Finished my Aoshima Mazda Savanna RX-7. This was my first non-robot plakit, by the way (I've done two resin non-robots before, though).

Here're some photos I took while working on the thing.
After all the decals were applied:

Painting's supposedly required but just as I thought, that's not necessary once you have a fuckload of decals all over it.

Good practice for the Chihaya Strike Eagle which I plan on doing some time later, at least.

07 March, 2010

Granzon Complete

No painting as usual, and not even panel lining aside from on the hands this time.