22 May, 2010

This week's loot (22 May 2010)

Ah well, Alan Wake didn't arrive after all. That's what I get for using economy shipping.

Oh, and I cleared Lost Planet 2 yesterday.

Last night on Live...

One party consists of four people, and I'm using the Steins;gate icon thing too so that means 3/4 members of the last party I was in there had the same icon.



20 May, 2010


>>フルメタル・パニック!11 ずっと、スタンド・バイ・ミー(上)  富士見ファンタジア文庫
>>賀東 招二

>>出版社名 富士見書房
>>発売予定日 2010年7月17日

>>分類 文庫・新書

>>長き戦いも遂に完結か!? 宗介とかなめに最後の試練が!ついに明かされたウェスパードの謎。





19 May, 2010

Got Lost Planet 2

Got Lost Planet 2 for the 360, and Alan Wake should be arriving later this week.

I've been using the 360 more than I thought I would, initially. For multiplatform releases I'm nowadays checking if there're any differences between the versions, and getting the 360 versions if there aren't any significant ones (I'm certainly not getting FF for the 360, for example).

This is mostly because being able to install stuff onto the HDD to cut down on loading thing is very nice, and also because my PS3's HDD is full. All the time.

I still consider myself to be GK, though.