28 May, 2010

Usotsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan



25 May, 2010

Lost Planet 2 (2)

Probably going to be too busy to touch Lost Planet 2 in the coming week (or two) so I figured now would be a good time to post my progress.

23 May, 2010

Lost Planet 2

So, I've been playing a lot of Lost Planet 2 lately, mostly co-op.

Took a look around online and it's been getting some pretty bad reviews.

From first-hand experience playing co-op with the sort of durrrhurrr i liek halo retards who wrote these reviews... These idiots just don't get the fucking point.

Case study: The parties I got yesterday.

Let's see, the boss of 1-3, team: Me, two yanks, a brit. You can get into a VS and dodge the thing's attacks, never getting hit at all. Hover and you can dodge the lightning thing, even. My teammates decided to run at the thing ON FOOT with their MACHINEGUNS. Yeah, they didn't even bother to pick up any new weapons. Of course, the thing trampled them to death.

Boss of 2-3, same team. I ran up to the three-seater VS and called for my teammates to join me. They ran around shooting at it and got trampled. Again. I ended up doing most of the damage by using one of the VS' turrets.

Different team, 3-3 boss. Two yanks and one bot. I get into the chopper and call for them to join me, they ignore me and one of them gets into the turret at the back of the train while the other... I don't even know what that guy was doing. He certainly wasn't using the railway gun or any of the turrets, I think he was just shooting at the small enemies that popped up once in a while. I ended up using the chopper on my own and managed to do some decent damage until the thing blew up the train because nobody bothered to use the cooling thing. Game over.

Yet another team, final boss. One Japanese, one yank, one other guy (didn't recognise the flag). Me and the Japanese guy stuck the GPSes on the thing but the other guys just fucking refused to fucking stick the fucking things on it. Each player only has one so just one of the other guys would've needed to stick his on to win, but me and the Japanese knocked down one of the heads, ran up to it, called for them, and they still totally fucking ignored us, running around in the back STILL SHOOTING AT IT. Game over, of course. We actually retried, I REPEAT, WE ACTUALLY RETRIED THIS. All the way from the previous fucking checkpoint. And got up to the boss again. After we'd knocked down the third head about ten times one of them finally figured out what we were trying to tell them and stuck the GPS on it.

And then he got killed by the satellite cannon and it was game over because they'd already died countless times due to prolonging the battle.

I also played multiplayer a bit. Ended up in a 1-1 fight with some guy (America again!) who ran at me with his machinegun. I was in a VS equipped with a shotgun, and killed him six times before he disconnected. Pussy. Oh, and the map was FILLED With VSes, he could've just gotten into one of them and fought me but apparently he was too stupid to consider that.

I also see complaints about interface/control issues but have encountered none.

The only problems I DO have with the game is with the unlocking of stuff (The roulette refuses to give me new equipment and levelling up and thus unlocking other stuff is just way too slow), the lack of a tutorial or something for the controls (case in point, in 3-3 Six got into the chopper, couldn't figure out how to ascend, and hit a button that made us land outside the train and blow up GAME OVER), and some stages being disproportionately tough for single player (I tried to clear the game offline with bots, but 5-3 was just impossible).

So, like, yeah.

"The irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion." -John Lawson, not quite.

"The real irony of the Information Age is that it has given new respectability to the opinions of dumbfuck retards." -Me

There we go.

Long story short: The only big problem Lost Planet 2 has is the players. The 360 has way too many people who think it's a fucking FPS (it's not), retarded kids who pirate everything, and the sort of retard who uploads "lol i hacked the game!!! im so badass" videos to Youtube. Oh, and observation: These dumbfucks invariably are in the "underground" user zone on Live. Seriously, I wish there were some way to just block that entire zone. It's all idiots going "LOL I SO BADASS" trying to show off their supposedly leet skills who are really only just annoying the fuck out of everyone who's just trying to have some fun. They seem to have died out already but I recall a time (regulation 1.30, IIRC) on ACFA where everyone was a Lahire with extra boosters and twin moonlights. Just fucking die.

Eh, I think I should've gotten the PS3 version of LP2, even if there aren't any technical differences, I failed to consider the userbase. That's a pretty big variable in online-heavy games.

But then again all the people I know only have 360s. :/

Conclusion: All the people I know should get PS3s.

Edit: Oh, but don't get me wrong, co-op is plenty of fun if your party isn't idiots. I got into one in 3-3 yesterday where we got the cannon operating smoothly, that was really awesome. And few things are more fun than using multi-seater VSes with the seats actually occupied.

Edit: Oh, and this wall of text is levelled at user reviews. The bad reviews from the mainstream media are just plain ridiculous. They complain about the lack of drop-in participation in coop (there IS drop-in participation), how it's linear (it isn't; There are multiple routes for lots of stages and countless different ways to fight the bosses), and complain about the controls (it takes some getting used to, but ten minutes to half an hour is really all you need to get the hang of it). These people very obviously haven't played more than five minutes of the game.

Edit: And some people are complaining about cheap kills. These people are fucking morons. A GIANT FUCKING MONSTER STEPPED ON YOU, OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING TO FUCKING DIE. Next time stop running around its feet you dumbass. And the Over-G's fireballs and so on? You DO know that you can dodge that by just rolling, right?

Edit: Yeah, lots of people just don't understand how the game is supposed to be played. Space station, team battle. Guys running around with their guns, I got into the transforming VS and rocketed eight of them and nobody even shot at me. Hell, I'm not sure if they even noticed I was flying around up there.