05 June, 2010

This week's loot (5th June 2010)

Been meaning to get Soukyuu no Karuma for some time, ever since reading about it in Konorano 2010. The other stuff is recommendations from Amazon.

Alan Wake is the Asia version. Hey, it's cheaper.

Got the 360 version of Super IV due to Six and Striker. Using mostly Sakura and Gouki, and some Ryu and Ken. My last Street Fighter game was Zero 2 but I'm doing pretty well; My first battle in the game (without looking at the manual or using training mode or anything at all) was an online match using Ryu on Six (who was using Juri) and I actually won. I've yet to win a single ranked battle online, though.

Speaking of Japanese/US versions, with my Japanese 360, Alan Wake is in Japanese, entirely. Including the voices. I wouldn't mind, but they didn't bother to do edit the lip-synching for anything but English, apparently, and the lips not matching the speech really bothers me. So I need to change the language settings to get it to switch to English. Extremely annoying, that. Would it have killed them to stick a language option inside the game itself?

Anyway, cleared episode 1 of Alan Wake. Not very scary so far. Also the enemies are more of a nuisance than a threat, the gameplay isn't very good (I'm hoping it'll get better), and the camera gives me headaches (literally) when trying to navigate indoor areas.

I got it because I liked the sound of the setting (hey, I'm the sort of person who gets all of the X Files on DVD) but the first episode already has me worried that the ending might be a horrid cop-out (I'm guessing at this point that he killed his wife and went nuts, and rest of the game is a nightmare or something). Eh, I'll probably chip away at it slowly.

Got Super Street Fighter IV

Got Super Street Fighter IV for the 360. It's nice.

Damn, though, I suck at playing fighting games with controllers. From personal experience, I'm keyboard > controller (d-pad) > controller (analog stick) > arcade stick. Wacky, but true.