17 June, 2010


Super Street Fighter IV

Got my PP up to 950.

My Zangief is up to class C with 1016 BP. Yay.

23 matches, 17 wins = 73.91% victory rate.

Greatest number of consecutive wins: 7 (from this morning).

1 perfect, 29 regular wins, 5 ultra combo finishes, 3 super combo finishes, 0 cheap/timeup wins, 208 reversals, 63 technicals, 54 counter hits, 23 first attacks, 2 stuns.

I've encountered three T. Hawks so far and beaten none of them. God, I hate that guy.

The only other character I've really used online is Gouki and he has a pathetic 44% win rate (11/25). Eh.

15 June, 2010

This week's loot (15th June 2010)

All the AB CDs up to the OP single in one order.

Keep the Beats is coming with all of Best of 765+876 =!! and the second Idolmaster Station CD later this month.

...see, these people don't mind holding on to volumes 1 and 2 of 765+876 for like months for me before shipping it together with a bunch of other stuff released much later, why the fuck can't Amazon do that? Goddamned whores.

13 June, 2010

What the fuck, Amazon? Redux

Why the hell do I keep putting up with this bullshit, anyway?


Now, if release dates are half a month or more apart, splitting stuff up into multiple shipments is understandable. Some smaller companies will hold on to the stuff that's released earlier and ship it all together for you once the last is released, but that's up to them. It's totally understandable.

Splitting stuff up into multiple shipments when the release dates are mere days apart, though. That's kind of fucking ridiculous. Plain fucking ridiculous.

Splitting stuff up into multiple shipments when you're shipping them on the same fucking day, though.


Just fucking die.

Die now.

God, I need to find somewhere else to order books from.