03 July, 2010

Idolmaster 2

>>Idolmaster 2, officially announced! Platform is the 360!


Edit (July 4th 2010):>>Second day's concert over! It was announced Yukiho's
>>VA is being changed from Hase Yurina (Ochiai Yurika)
>>to Asakura Azumi (who?). Details to come.


Edit (also July 4th 2010):

Thoughts on the new character designs-
Chihaya/Haruka/Yukiho/Yayoi/Hibiki/Takane: (No difference)
Makoto: Yes.
Iori: What?
Amimami: Mm.
Miki: Okay.
Ritsuko: OL delicious.

Edit (still July 4th 2010):

I find it kind of odd that they changed Yukiho's VA yet left her hair untouched, they might as well have messed with her design as well to match the new voice.

Picture related.

30 June, 2010

This week's loot (30th June 2010)

Finally got round to getting Peace Walker, and I'd been meaning to get Tokimemo 4 for some time.

Soukyuu no Karuma's starting off with a deochi isn't anything surprising at this point but I still had to do a double-take the first time I saw #5's cover to be sure I wasn't looking at some totally unrelated series.

Edit (2nd July 2010): Read Karuma #5. Yeah, this series is awesome.

Stuff (30th June 2010)

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