17 July, 2010

MG Unicorn complete

Broke about half a dozen parts in the process of building this damned thing.

There's a whole bunch of bits that had to be cemented back in place, the bazooka is missing a small bit that broke off, the right front skirt armour's hook is probably going to drop off after some time, the transforming horn-antennae are broken, and the left foot is held in place by wires.


Haven't done the MS cage yet, will do it sometime later.

Not sure if I should apply the decals, I think the Unicorn looks better without all that shit on it.

15 July, 2010

Started on the MG Unicorn

Started on the MG Unicorn (HD Colour + MS Cage version) today.
Just saying.

Finished the arms and shoulders.

I'll continue working on it tomorrow. Maybe.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (2)

Cleared Peace Walker. Stats and shit as usual.

Also, my Zeke.

13 July, 2010

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Been chipping away at MGSPW over the past week. Defeated the Peace Walker, now in the middle of chapter 5.

The game's pretty cool but is lacking something, somehow. I got used to the controls pretty fast so it's not that.

It's just lacking something that makes it MGS-ish.

I'm talking gameplay-wise, of course. For better or for worse, the narrative is undeniably Kojima (some people complain about his stuff but I'm partial to it, personally).

Anyway, pictures of the bosses. Spoilers, of course.

I'd hide them so you'd have to click on something to see them but can't figure out how that function works.