14 August, 2010

Comic Market 78, day 2

Woke up at 5 AM, reached the Big Sight at around 7, got in relatively fast (around 10:15), rushed to the âge booth.
...words just fucking fail me.


13 August, 2010

Comic Market 78, day 1


So, like, yeah. Arrived at the Big Sight at around 9 AM this morning.

My experience is kind of hard to explain in words, so here's an illustration.

In short I had to line up in order to line up for the line lining up to buy stuff. Only it got sold out roughly five minutes before I could actually buy anything.


After that I went to seek out the other stuff I wanted but some was sold out too. Eh.

Still got most of the stuff I wanted, though.

Anyway, from the âge twitter:


Looks like I'll be spending a few hours lining up for their booth again tomorrow. Gah.


Oh, and this is completely unrelated but I can't post on 2ch right now.

12 August, 2010

Well, fancy that.

The computer in my hotel room DOES have an SD card slot. I apparently wasn't looking hard enough before. Damn it.

And all my loot's in the luggage + I didn't bother taking any photos of it before = ah well, when I get back, I guess.

Have some clouds instead.Haven't taken any photos, really. Yet.

Comic Market 78 tomorrow, yay.

11 August, 2010

Expenditure so far

In no particular order:

Toys: 7,569 yen
Games: 9,260 yen
Games: 9,200 yen
Games: 13,760 yen
Games: 19,295 yen
Toys: 14,760 yen
Plamodels: 9,072 yen
DVDs: 7,400 yen

Total: 90,316 yen

This of course excludes transport, food, and other stuff (about 10-15,000 yen so far, I'd reckon).


09 August, 2010

So, I'm in Japan

And only roughly five minutes ago did I realize that I forgot to bring a USB cable or card reader for my photos. Fucking genius I am.


Caught the Kamen Rider W movie. It had the usual rushed feeling you get with pretty much all Rider movies but was awesome nevertheless.

I may or may not buy a card reader later.