28 August, 2010

This week's loot (28th August 2010)

Also got the Deardrops album Straight and a DVD of some movie that sounded kind of X-Files-ish but I somehow managed to lose them (they're in this room somewhere, I think). Eh.

Edit: The movie was The Fourth Kind and while it isn't as bad as what I've seen the internet says it was still pretty terrible. Maybe if they made it into a real fucking movie and gave it an ending, instead of making it a fucking mockumentary and copping out at the end. It's a real pity because they had a pretty cool thing going on there with the whole false memories of owls and Sumerian stuff.

27 August, 2010

Cleared some games

Cleared Otoboku 2, Deardrops and ACE R this week.

Otoboku 2 was very good, though the individual routes felt kind of rushed. And by kind of I mean extremely. I still enjoyed it more than the first, though, and that's saying quite a lot.

Otoboku 2: This is a man

Deardrops was decent but pales in comparison to Kira ☆ Kira. Nothing much to say about it, nothing unexpected like WHOOPS ALL OF A SUDDEN THE MAIN HEROINE DIES IN A FIRE. Pretty nice songs, though. Especially Yayoi's ED which I keep playing over and over again (I got both Straight and My Dear Stardust, prefer the latter's version more).

Deardrops: Main character Suganuma Shouichi used to play the violin.
He quit it forever due to something. The OP song has a violin in it.
Gee, I wonder if he ever takes up the violin again?

ACE R is disappointing. I've started on my second playthrough already but it's still very disappointing. They really should've stuck with the old system, I especially loved using one of the shoulders as a shift key for the weapons.

I want to like it, I really do. It's an action game which has Full Metal Panic and SRW OG and Crossbone Gundam and Code Geass, by From, how can you ruin that?

Somehow, they managed to. Damn it.

I mean, fuck, the average crappy Gundam game is more fun than this, and considering how crappy the average Gundam game is, that's pretty bad.

It's just so frustrating in so many ways I've lost count.


Eh, I'm going to play ACE R a bit more then get to Sorairo (which I've already finished about a third of) and Alternative Chronicles 01 (cleared Chicken Divers and Rain Dancers).

I've been chipping away at Busoushinki Battle Masters too, currently clearing the stuff needed to get to the F1.

Totally unrelated but I'm making spoiler highlight things easier to find with black text on black backgrounds from now on. Probably.

26 August, 2010

MG-F W Cyclone Joker complete

Yeah, this thing has weird fingers. But it's nice. I'll be getting Fang Joker, Accel and Cyclone Joker Extreme if they come out. Not sure about Heat Metal and Luna Trigger, though.

24 August, 2010

Read Zutto, Stand By Me (2)

Finally arrived, plan on finishing it tonight.

Thoughts so far...

「俺 の得意技は火付けと壊しだ。おまえらが必死に崇めてる、くだらんオカルト装置など、五秒でぶざまなガラクタの山に変えてやる。哀れっぽく懇願してみろ。 『やめてくれ、これは僕らの希望なんだ』だのと。俺はおまえらの泣き喚く姿がぜひ見たい。めそめそと、卑しく、『僕らはこんなに傷ついてるんだ、こんな世 界消えてしまえ』だのと言い訳してみろ。きっと絵になるぞ。すべて録画して、全世界に配信してやる。さらしものにして、百年先まで笑いものにしてやる。覚 悟しておけ!」

↑ Five bucks says that someday this'll be used on Gendou or Barbem in Suparobo.

Oh right, I'm trying something new, hover your cursor over the text and you should be able to see it in English (translation: me).


Finished the book.

It was good.

Very good.

Most of the stuff turned out how I thought it would (like none of the people with the weird flags dying, or Sousuke hopping out of the Laevatein with the rocket launcher, and ending at the graduation ceremony) but that's a good thing in this case. The battles were also awesome, what with the cruise missile + LD canceller combo and firing the demolition gun without activating the Lambda Driver and headbutt vulcans and of course Sousuke jumping out of the robot to finish off the Belial with a rocket launcher (though I expected something like that when the rocket launcher was mentioned in the previous book).

The Belial's new weapon seemed kind of pointless, though. Only possible point I see to it getting that is to prevent people from slapping it to death with attacks from outside its range in Suparobo. And knowing Gato, I'm probably right about that too.

Shiro's insertion was kind of unnatural but is of course preferable to him getting nuked.

Judging from that short exchange with Ben, Gato's totally planning on doing a short for Lee's past. That's nice and all but I'd personally like to see stuff taking place after the ending.


Anyway, yeah, I plan on going through all of Furumeta from the very beginning once again sometime in the near future.

23 August, 2010


FYI I'm staying offline until I get and finish reading the final Full Metal Panic book. I got Little Busters spoiled for me on a Suparobo thread on the roboge board, I'm not taking any chances this time. I've gotten Nineball Seraph in ACE R spoiled for me already.

Totally unrelated but Otoboku 2 is very good. Deardrops not as much (especially when compared to Kira ☆ Kira) but I AM GUITAR PRINCESS.