30 August, 2010

Cleared Busoushinki Battle Masters

Clear time 25:30 hours. And here're my stats from the end of the game, as usual.

My tactic at the end was pretty much just firing the rifle until I got near → HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER → cancel into the pile driver if the hammer misses → repeat forever, but I swapped the pile driver out for a pair of knuckles for the final battle against Artemis. Gaia/Chitose was a close one because Lilith took out half of my life and Hades managed to defeat Artemis without even getting scratched. Artemis was easier but I got hit by her special RA twice.

As like in Battle Rondo, choosing equipment based on their specs/abilities/whatever naturally leads to looking fucking wacky. Bah. If only you could recolour shit like in Armoured Core...

It isn't THAT bad in Battle Rondo because there's a lot more to choose from, plus there're colour variations of some Shinki, but there's not much for choice in Battle Masters.

Speaking of Battle Rondo I totally forgot to get some Web Money when I was in Japan and don't have enough shinki points now. Damn it.