07 September, 2010

Got a BBS

Made a BBS and about page. ↑

Just a simple introduction. I'll probably flesh it out more later.

What can I say? It's a message board, you can post messages on it. Feel free to scrawl whatever you want on it like you would with a guestbook.


By the way, adding these is a direct result of me noticing the "edit pages" button for the first time in Blogger earlier today. Yeah, I didn't notice until now.

If you have any suggestions on stuff I can add, feel free to drop something off at the BBS.

Edit: Also moved the link-related stuff from the side to a new page (Links, if it isn't obvious enough). Yay.


Added an FA?Q page:
Worth at least one look, I think.

06 September, 2010


(100% clear parts)

I've had this thing lying around for two years (yes, since 2008, despite what the box may say) but fighting Nineball Seraph again in ACE R has finally gotten me wanting to build it.

Also got me wanting to play Master of Arena again but I sucked at all the pre-4 ACs majorly. I'm amazed that I managed to clear a few, really. I recently tried playing Last Raven again and gave up after half an hour.

I've been considering getting the PSP versions for a long time and just might get some later. Maybe Silent Line, I've never played it before.

Rearranged my games

As you might have seen in previous posts I had stuff lying around all over. And what you haven't seen is stuff like stacks of game discs (loose) lying around and best of all, a mountain of UMDs (of course) inside a cabinet which I don't keep my PSP games in.


So anyway, I rearranged my console games.

A whole bunch of my games are still missing. I'm pretty sure my Megadrive, Gamegear, GB and GBA ones are gone for good but don't really care, but I do care about my missing PS1 and Saturn games because I can still emulate them. And then there's a whole bunch of PS2 games that seem to have vanished (MGS 2 and 3, which I recently replaced when I was in Japan, a bunch of Suparobo games, the first .hack series...). Eh.

Anyway, I really need rearrange PC games sometime, they're worse off because I have some arranged in my bookshelf in the bedroom, but the rest are lying all over. Some in my den, even (where I don't ever play PC games because the PC in there is so high-spec it can't even run Audiosurf).

And then there're the DVDs I have lying around everywhere.

And of course my den is still a huge mess because the last time I cleared it up was half a year ago.


05 September, 2010

Stuff (5th September 2010)

It's been some time since I last did one of these posts, so yeah, my stuff.

My desk is still a horrendous mess.

I put the three new kits and the Rider band back where they belonged
shortly after this photography session.

I really need a new bookshelf. Note that I have a ton of
unread books at the office as well.

The LAN cable leads to my bedroom on the second floor (den's on the third)

Rearranged some stuff last month. Demonbane now has its own shelf. As
for the big Bukiya kit, it crumbled to pieces when I tried to move it and the head shattered into a thousand tiny pieces that promptly vanished into thin air. You can see what remains of it in the first photo up there. ↑

Nanoha fits in way too well there.

Just random stuff. I ought to get a new display cabinet just for my rider belts.

Not much change here.

My bedroom's current (sort of) entertainment setup.
A few hours after this photo I moved the PS2 to the side of the room
and hooked it up to an old, small TV. Unfortunately said TV is apparently too
old and the colours are all wonky, I'll probably be moving it back eventually.

Cleared Sorairo today (finally) and am in the mood for more Nekoneko stuff
in the near future, hence the stuff on the top of the stack there. But the PS2 looks
like crap on my big TV, and my attempts at emulation were futile due to my
not understanding a thing in the instructions, so I decided to hook the PS2 up to
the old TV and I've already mentioned how that turned out.