18 September, 2010

Idolmaster 2 (4)






オワタ \(^o^)/

Well, introducing guys as the rivals solves the problem they had with Hibiki and Takane in SP ("why aren't they playable?" -All fans) so that makes sense. But they say 2's main theme is "unity" and then LOL NO IORI AMI AZUSA RITSUKO so what the fuck Bannam?


...there's still one last possibility, though. Wait for half to one year then all of a sudden FULL VERSION (possibly for the PS3, even).

Damn it.

Ah well, Chihaya (leader), Makoto, Yukiho, Hibiki, Takane for me, I guess.


I'll just leave this here.

Nineball Seraph (ACE: R version)



Gave it a laser blade.

Totally not one of the Unicorn's beam sabers.

17 September, 2010

Idolmaster 2 (3)


They know better than anyone what happened in SP, they wouldn't repeat the same fucking mistake multiplied by four, would they?

...Would they?

Before TGS I was guessing that this would turn out to be either

1) Oh hey, the members are actually randomly chosen from whoever you didn't! We're just pulling your leg trying to get attention! (Not likely after the latest site updates)


2) They'll be DLC. Give us more money.

with 1) pretty much eliminated now, it's either 2 (but since when did Bannam ever make big DLC? After all, they can make the same, if not more by just modelling a few new costumes) or 3) you really can't produce them in 2. At all.

Unless by some wacky miracle it turns out that they're just trolling us with pretty much everything and it's actually 1)...

Fuck you, Bannam.

Seriously, fuck you.

Also, the thread template says "プロデュース可否は依然不明 " but

・Their profiles are separated from everyone else's on the site
・They're in different costumes on the site
・All descriptions so far say they can be guests on stage which suggests that they can't be, like, anything else

So yeah.

Fuck you.

14 September, 2010

Nineball Seraph (clear version) complete

修正プログラム 最終レベル

全システム チェック終了

戦闘モード 起動

ターゲット確認 排除開始

So yeah, I (finally) completed my Nineball Seraph.

Actually used cement and sandpaper this time! A bit, at least.

What can I say? This thing is fucking beautiful.

Didn't bother taking any photos of it in flight mode, maybe sometime later.

And yes, the legs are left at flight mode's length in these photos. I find that it keeps them more stable.