22 October, 2010


So, my old bed's boards kind of broke a couple of weeks ago and I got a new one last week, which was a lot smaller (my old one was just too big, seriously). That freed up lots of space in my bedroom, so I decided to furnish it up a bit.

So, my new bookshelf, display cabinet and bedside table arrived.

The bookshelf, which I'm using for light novels. The thing goes deep which means I can stick in up to three rows of books per shelf, but the shelves aren't very high which means most other books won't fit in anyway.

I'm leaving this display cabinet exclusively for Gundam kits, except for the two Patlabor ones I have in the bottom shelf that isn't in the photos.

21 October, 2010

This week's loot (21st October 2010)

Oddly large number of posts today, huh?

Anyway, the second part of my latest Amazon order arrived.

Yay Karuma and Cop Craft. And yeah, those idiots shipped me Nyaruko-san #2 and #3 but not yet #1.

Forgot to stick Gemaga in the picture and I'll probably have more stuff by the end of the week, will update this post then.

Edit (October 22nd): Finished Karuma #6 last night. Man, this series gets weirder with each book (not that that's a bad thing).

Edit (October 22nd): More stuff arrived + tossed Gemaga in.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC

So yeah, I heard about the English release of Sora no Kiseki some time ago and have been bothering the non-Japanese-understanding people around me about it.

Was just talking about it just a while ago, did some Googling, found this.

Oh god, please don't tell me that this description is official.

Blazers. Estel (What's wrong with Estelle?). Rebel kingdom. Opal arts. YOSHUA.

You have to be fucking kidding me, their translators 1) Can't read the FUCKING ENGLISH PLASTERED ALL OVER and 2) CAN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ″ AND ° ?

Damn, it's like they got someone fluent in neither English nor Japanese to translate. Go hire some fucking fansubbers to do your translations next, why don't you? Seriously, Yoshua? That's the sort of bullshit we saw in bad low-budget RPG translations 10-15 years ago (remember "Jack Van Burace" and "Ziekfried"?).

Man, it's going to be so tough translating these names and terms to English.


>>Together with her friend Yoshua

Yeah, just a friend. Totally not anyone important at all.

Computer troubles

So, my Dell Vostro backlight started to die off a couple of months ago, and recently the screen stopped working entirely.

I never lug it anywhere due to my having ticked all the extra boxes when ordering it off their website, completely forgetting about that little statistic known as "weight", and ending up getting a notebook that breaks my back whenever I try to carry it anywhere, and have it permanently hooked up to my TV. So that's not a real problem for me.


But I DID fork out extra for an extra-clear screen or something and god damn, my under half the fucking price cheaper super-crappy Acer laptop still works fine. I mentioned this on IRC and

<ILikeLittleGirls> Makes me glad I have a three-year warranty on ■■. :/
<Me> Hm.
<Me> long IS my warranty, anyway?

<Me> Good thing I had the foresight to mail myself the purchase shit on it

So I called Dell up and found out that yeah, my warranty would cover this. So

<Me> Right, they're sending someone over either tomorrow or the day after to fix up my screen.

<Me> The guy replaced the screen.
<Me> The backlight worked.
<Me> The screen didn't.
<Me> He figured it was a motherboard problem.
<Me> He replaced the motherboard.
<Me> It didn't work.
<Me> He guesses it's a graphics card problem.
<Me> He'll bring over a new one tomorrow.

<Me> Well.
<Me> That's nice.
<Me> The Dell guy came and went and my screen still isn't working.
<Me> They replaced the graphics card.
<Me> They'll send someone over with "parts" tomorrow to try and fix it again.
<Me> And the guy said if it isn't fixed tomorrow they'll send someone over on Monday which probably suggests he doesn't think it'll be fixed by tomorrow.
<Me> Joy.

Joy. Bah.


I am of course paying for shipping on each portion separately. Because that's what Amazon does.

You have no idea how hard I'm wishing the son of a bitch who came up with this system would just die.


Found some DVDs loaded with old photos while spring cleaning yesterday, these were on one of them. Figured I'd just upload them.

SRW aces

Some old stuff, some new.

What can I say? Map attacks.

I can't seem to find my copies of MX, Alpha 2, and Alpha 3 anywhere, and my MXP and AP save data was lost when some fucker stole my PSP last year, may he die a slow and horrendously painful death.

But anyway, IIRC my top aces in those were

MX: Zeorymer >>>>> Z and ZZ, the Evas

Alpha 2: Arado > Amuro in Hi-Nu, Crossbones >>> Other Gundam

Alpha 3: Cobray and Amuro in Hi-Nu (each with over 999 kills from infinite enemy reinforcements) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Genesic Gaogaigar, Arado and Seolla

MXP: Zeorymer >>>>> Evas > Dragonars (didn't use Gundams much in Portable)

AP: Axel (Vaisaga) > Domon > Gundams

20 October, 2010

Stuff I have on Steam

Figured I'd just do a post on the games I have on Steam. Most of my posts on the blog are about Japanese stuff, but I DO play western games. I go way back with Command & Conquer, and Fallout 3's one of my favourite RPGs.

Anyway, yeah, games I have on Steam.

Audiosurf: Simple, mindless fun you can enjoy while listening to music you like. There're modes to just mess around for casual players (like me), and modes for those crazy fuckers who go through the same stage ten million times just to get a really high score (not like me).
Behold my widely diverse repertoire of songs.

Blazing Angels, HAWX: I haven't played these yet. Just got them during that big sale some time back so I'd have something to play with with my flight stick after clearing Ace Combat on the 360. I haven't cleared Ace Combat yet even though I went and bought DLC for incentive (Chihaya Strike Eagle). So yeah.

Brothers in Arms: I have no idea why I got this. I figured I'd try giving an FPS a try because I usually suck terribly at them. What can I say? I sucked terribly at it and gave up after the third stage or so.

C&C RA3 Uprising: The new units in here are great fun, but RA2 Yuri's Revenge was better with the mind control shit. The transforming flying Laputa-beam-spitting samurai heads almost make up for it, though. Like I said before, C&C and I go wayyy back. Played the original in DOS, been playing it ever since. Except for 4 which I haven't gotten yet. And Generals which I never ever touched, ever. And that FPS (TPS?) which I never touched either.

Defense Grid: I like tower defence, but I like it more on portable devices. Preferably with touch screens. I'm talking about the iPhone if it isn't obvious. The game itself is alright but nothing special, I guess.

Ghostbusters: The gameplay was bleh but the slime tethers were fun to use and what the hell, it's the fucking Ghostbusters.

Hitman: I love this series. The first two not so much, but Blood Money was just awesome. I keep doing it wrong, though.

"Oh wait, I was supposed to kill that one guy? Sorry, dude."

Indigo Prophecy: Utter crap.

Nexus: I tried playing this once then got stuck at some stage and stopped. I really ought to try it again someday. I like spaceships and all, after all.

Overlord: Bored me.

Secret of Monkey Island: I like Monkey Island, but haven't gotten round to playing this yet.

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened: SHERLOCK HOLMES VS CTHULHU THIS HAS TO BE GREAT. Haven't played it yet, may do so soon.

Civilization III: Great fun. Like the time I had the Holy Empire of Britannia get a satellite up into space in 1758, invent the internet in 1824, and in 1864 launch a colonization spaceship off to Alpha Centauri right after carrying out an all-out nuclear attack on the rest of the world.

Silent Hunter: I have a weird relationship with simulation games. On one hand, I'm pretty sure that I'd enjoy the hell out of them if I bothered to learn how to actually play them. On the other I never read manuals ever and skip as many tutorials as I can. The result was me jumping into a game and wondering what all the buttons did, and failing to figure out anything except how to look through the periscope. I really ought to read the instructions and learn how to play this someday.

Star Wars: KOTOR: Recommended to me, but the battle system didn't really appeal to me and I kept getting lost. I hate getting lost. Ah well, I might give it another chance someday.

Splinter Cell: I've only actually played Chaos Theory (boxed, so not on Steam), but I loved it and so got these. But the first game kind of sucks and Double Agent is kind of too high-spec for all of my computers. Bah.

Tropico 3: Sounded like fun (you're the dictator of Cuba a random tropical island! Run the place as you wish!) until you realise it's just another Simcity clone. That being said the whole Carribean dictatorship during the Cold War setting is a nice twist on the Simcity formula, and it's worth playing, at least.

WH40K Dawn of War: I'd been somewhat interested in Warhammer ever since middle school when I had a friend who was (still is, actually) obsessed with the thing, but I wasn't filthy rich as a kid (my parents were, but I still had pocket money of like $10 a week) and once starting making enough money to pour into my hobbies I realised that I already had enough things to sink my riches into. Also you need people to play with and I'm not a very social person. Anyway, got the first Dawn of War (boxed) on a whim, enjoyed it, noticed how it was all really cheap on Steam, got it all, and played the hell out of it. I spent most of my time in Dark Crusade (Tau and Necrons!), and liked it so much I went and got a Necron Monolith kit despite never having played the miniatures game ever.

Have I mentioned how much I love the fucking Necrons? Come on, they're glowing green Egyptian robot necromancer sorceror zombie cultist Terminators with floating pyramid fortresses. What's there not to like?

Edit: Speaking of Steam, a certain game I noticed while browsing last night has an awesome description.

"...combines the features and cliches of Western and Asian console RPGs like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics"
I'm sorry, where's the Western in Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics? Hell, where's the non-Japanese Asian in them?

"...poking fun at some of the most successful RPGs, such as Oblivion, Final Fantasy and Lord of the Rings."
Lord of the Rings is an RPG. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

I didn't even bother to read about what the game is like, it went straight to my absolute-shit-don't-even-bother list.

It reeks of the sort of "parody" shit by people trying to make a quick buck my making fun of something they know absolutely nothing about. I hate that.

On the off chance that they do know S-RPGs well enough and are actually doing a decent parody, though (and I doubt it)... well, they ought to get someone who isn't an absolute retard to write their description.


Rearranged my (comic) bookshelf a bit, realized I've never really done a post on the manga I read before, figured it'd be a good chance and snapped away.

Mostly random comic anthologies.

I quit Lucky ☆Star after the TV series (and the people who became "fans" after it) kind of ruined it for me.

Read a bit of Seto no Hanayome, it was alright but I got bored after awhile as I do with most long-running shounen comics. Yes, I'm aware that a whole bunch of it is missing, I've no idea where they went. You'll see more below.

Yonkoma manga.

No prizes for guessing what my favourite Key game is.

Azumanga Daioh was really too short, it really should've been dragged on for longer. Like, a loooot longer. Seriously.

Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo is supposedly marketed towards Japanese who can chuckle at foreigners trying to learn the language and be surprised at how they may know less about it than they think, but I think it's even better for people who are foreigners who've learned the language. More often than not you'll find yourself going "hey, that actually happened in my class!" and so on.

More yonkoma.

Not much to say. Sensei no Ojikan is decent.

Some of the stuff I'm currently following.

Speaking of Working!!, I've been following the web version of Working!! since around 06-07, FYI. Haven't watched the TV series yet.

Oh, and by "following", in Gundam-san's case I mean "I buy a new volume, whenever I see one except I rarely ever do" hence why I seem to be missing the two latest ones. I don't know, stuff slips under my radar if Amazon doesn't list it on my recommendations, and for some reason Gundam-san isn't listed. Ever.

I bought the Galaxy Angel comics back when I was in the midst of a big Galaxy Angel fever back in 2004-2005. It lasted a pretty long time, but started to fizzle out with the release of GA II-1 in 06 (it was pretty bad) and completely died with II-2 in 07 (I don't know, it just didn't bring me in like the old trilogy did). I've been meaning to get II-3 for some time just so I can get some closure to the series, but it's been over a year and a half and here I am. I don't know, II's characters just seemed to be far less interesting than I's. But most of all, I blame Kazuya, he just rubbed me the wrong way.

Also, Hayate no Gotoku.

And more Hayate no Gotoku.

Like I said above, most long-running shounen comics bore me after some time, usually around volume 10-15 volumes. Meanwhile, Hayate is up to #25 and yet I'm still kept interested enough. That's pretty amazing.

It's also the longest running single series I've read.

Random stuff.

Yeah, a whole chunk of Yakitate! Japan is missing, I know. I used to follow it but stopped reading at around #14-18, I think. Some volumes after those are in the picture but I never got round to reading them; Some are still shrink-wrapped, even.

Lots of Evangelion missing too. I'm still following it, for the record, but it's not like you can blink and miss a new volume. Man, hurry UP, Sadamoto, at this rate the new movie series will be done before you are.

The Muv-Luv Extra comic is terrible, Unlimited is okay, Alternative is pretty cool. Just saying.

Yotsuba to! and Zetsubou-sensei. I'm sort of following Yotsuba, "sort of" being go refer to Gundam-san above.

I enjoyed Zetsubou-sensei at first but got bored after around #15 or so. Kumeta just seems to be running out of interesting ideas, and the reusing of neta and tossing in of random right-wing stuff once in a while didn't really help things. It tries to be clever, and is successful in being so at first, but just ends up... I don't know, long-winded. Importunate. Droning, even. When I read comics I'm usually looking for laughs, so yeah.

No particular theme here.

School Rumble, yet another shounen series that bored me out over time.

With Koutetsu no Girlfriend 2, I just bought random volumes to go "oh wow, what the fuck is going on here"?

I like .hack, but it got kind of weird with Link. I haven't played it yet, maybe I will later, but it still looks weird.

Genshiken was cool, and while I prefer stuff that I like to be dragged on longer, Genshiken felt just right.

Ichigo Mashimaro is one of my favourite series. It's just good, and at times has me laughing harder than any yonkoma comic strip ever has.

I grew up with Iwamoto's Rockman X, so the Fukkan-ban left me very happy indeed. I still have a few of the original tankoubon of 3 lying around somewhere, hence why I left the compilation of it for last. I'll get it later.

Random shit. What can I say? Stuff that didn't really interest me, for the most part, or stuff that I used to love but somehow manage to lose all the comics except for the last volume (Mahoromatic). And in the case of Yotsuba and Genshiken in here, whoops I went and bought an extra copy damn it. Yeah, Sora no Otoshimono is in there, I found it to be total rubbish which is why the TV series and its popularity amazed me (I haven't watched it, though, so to be fair maybe it's nothing like the comic).

Kamen Rider Spirits. It's decent but moves wayyyyyyyyyy too slow. So slow that I've gotten bored, so file it away with School Rumble and Seto no Hanayome and Yakitate Japan.

Excluding Gundam-san, three volumes of Under the Moonlight and one of Igloo 2 is, amazingly enough, my entire Gundam comic collection. I don't know why it is, it just is. The only other Gundam comic that vaguely interests me at all is Crossbone, but whenever I try to pick it up the art style physically repels me. But I'll get over it and get it all one day. Maybe.

And yeah, that's all, I guess.

I had a bit more (I read all of Love Hina, which in retrospect is kind of amazing because I'd probably quit halfway through if I tried doing so now, among other stuff which isn't coming to mind at the moment) but guess I lost it when I moved in to my current place.

18 October, 2010

Today on the Zero no Kiseki thread

Damn it Mist, what are you doing in my Zero no Kiseki thread, shoo shoo.

Seriously though, what were they thinking when they made this guy? I mean, people hate him so much they troll by shopping magazine articles saying he'll be in the next game.

(And yes, I'm still reading thread 56 when 58 is almost finished)

17 October, 2010

1/100 Seravee designer's colour (light up)

Finally got around to getting those batteries I needed.

Zero no Kiseki, clear

The ending wasn't as bad as FC's but still left pretty much no sense of closure. Fuck, can't wait for the next game.

So, let's see...

Heiyue and Yin did nothing significant, Lector just wandered around doing silly stuff and acting suspicious, Kirika and a whole bunch of other characters did absolutely nothing at all, nothing explained about Gai's death, who dumped Kea at the Schwarz Auction, and Kea's past, and Ouroboros and the church didn't even show up.

So yeah, when's the sequel coming out? This can't be the end of the D∴G cult, can it?

Ren dropping out of the sky with Pater-Mater and twin buster rifling double buster cannoning the final boss out of nowhere was kind of a lolwut moment, though.

I haven't played Sora no Kiseki for ages but IIRC it wasn't explained why Ouroboros attacked the D∴G lodge Ren was in, was it? But considering how D∴G hates Eidos and seems to be opposing her it'd make sense if it turns out that, like what some people are thinking, she's the Ouroboros boss.

I feel like going through all of Sora no Kiseki again.