30 October, 2010

29 October, 2010

Finished reading Copcraft #1-2

Finished reading both volumes of Copcraft that arrived last week.

I can't help but draw parallels between it and Seikai, but regardless, it was good. Very good.

Just saying.

27 October, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas (2)

This was just too awesome to not post here.

This game is crap.
It was so boring that around Primm I gave up and headed straight for Vegas. I spammed stimpacks to get past the Deathclaws and when I finally reached the place the fuckers said I needed 2000 caps to get in so of course I killed those robots. The raiders around the place had lots of energy weapons so it was pretty easy.
Anyway I then entered a casino but they said I had to hand my weapons over and of course I refused, and then the fuckers attacked me so I killed them and explored the place like a dungeon and for some reason I got some quest completed messages.
And then I killed some guy and got some chip or something. Now that I think about it yeah that was the objective wasn't it?
Anyway after I left the place some errand boy for some faggot named Caesar said some bullshit about forgiving me and invited me to go see him. I've never heard of you, dumbass, who the fuck are you?
Anyway after that guy an NCR trooper showed up and acted like he knew me and gave me some stupid quest, what the fuck, since when did I ever talk to you guys? Oh wait right I killed and robbed some of your friends.
(Unimportant stuff omitted)
Anyway I killed both of the messengers, no prob eh?

24 October, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas

It's been, what, just below 60 hours since I've gotten the game? And I've already racked up almost 30 hours of playtime. Not bad.

So anyway, pictures of my progress so far.

Despite pouring points into my guns and energy weapon stats I've mostly been punching people to death with those gloves I lifted off Caesar's guards. Those things are nice.

Currently up to House asking me to handle the Brotherhood of Steel (I'm working with him because damn, he has an army of robots. If it isn't obvious enough, I fucking love robots). I like the Brotherhood, sure, but robots are inherently better than powered armour. Fact.

I'm currently doing their quest first in hopes that it'll net me the ability to equip their armour, though.

Edit: Seriously though, this game crashes WAY too much. Playing the 360 version, but it seems like the thing freezes up once every 1-2 hours. Damn.

Edit: Cleared the game.

It froze five times during the final battle, but I managed to clear it at last. Difficulty got a bit weird at the end with the legate and his guards killing me three times, but I ended up sticking the stimpacks onto a hotkey and punching them to death. Yay.

Ending was disappointing, but hey, that's western RPGs for you.

Redecorating (2)

So yeah, messed with my stuff more.

Here's the bedroom as it is now.

And since a whole bunch of stuff from the study's display cabinets went downstairs, I did some rearranging there too.

...Yeah, some shelves (well, okay, pretty much everything I touched) are kind of messed up as they are right now. I'll have to see to moving stuff around a bit more sometime later.