05 November, 2010

Work in progress

Finally started on this thing.

Last night on IRC

<Me> If you say no I am morally obliged to brand you a smelly little American.
<Me> An American who goes by the name of yankee doodle dandy.
<Me> And plays American football which is not played with feet.
<Vel> American "football" is played with your hands, and the "ball" is shaped like an egg. Therefore, it is American Handegg.
<Me> What the man said.

03 November, 2010

Kishinhishou Demonbane

Some people I know haven't seen this yet. Why the fuck not?

02 November, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas (4)

So, went back and loaded my last non-corrupted save and cleared my second playthrough.

Character this time was a diplomat type with 100 speech and barter. Put the rest of my points mostly into sneak, energy weapons and unarmed. Took a bunch of DT, energy weapon and unarmed-related perks which ended up as a kind of half-assed combination. Eh.

The ballistic fist is overpowered enough without unarmed stuff boosting it, I think. Should've poured more perks into energy weapons and other stuff.

Anyway, I take back everything bad I said about the final battle being boring (I didn't say anything here, but did on other places, FYI).

In my first playthrough I was supporting Mr. House and kind of killed everyone else so it was just the Securitrons helping me out which kind of sucked because even though there was supposed to be a fucking army of them there were only, what, six of them with me at any one time, max? And they didn't even follow me into the legate's camp which was fucking stupid. Granted, stepping back and watching them vapourize Oliver was pretty cool, but nowhere near the sheer awesome of Liberty Prime and the orbital bombardment of Adams AFB in 3.

This time, however.

I was supporting the NCR and got some other people to help out. The Brotherhood of Steel and Great Khans showed up but didn't do much, but then the boomers swooped in on that fucking bomber and razed the place AND THEN THE FUCKING ENCLAVE REMNANTS DROPPED IN ON THEIR VERTIBIRD AND BLEW THE FUCK OUT OF EVERYTHING. That was just plain fucking awesome (especially since I was decked out in Tesla Armour and my companions were Arcade in remnant armour and ED-E.

Pictorial spoiler warning.


And since that's there I'm not going to bother with hiding text spoilers from here on.

Judah just kind of stayed around where the Vertibird dropped them off and Moreno wandered off somewhere, but everyone else (including, for some reason, a second Henry who just kind of popped out of nowhere; Hooray for bugs) followed me into the Legate's camp and proceeded to just kind of help me tear the place apart.

That was awesome.

I forgot to take photos of my stats and stuff from this playthrough, will do so later, maybe.

I've already started on my third playthrough. Playing an evil character this time, planning to support the Legion. Going to be using only melee weapons (not unarmed) and maybe some explosives.

Edit: Oh, right, and if you're wondering about my gamer cards, I've had the 360 and PS3 offline ever since I was redecorating the bedroom the other day because the cable was getting in the way. I really ought to get round to plugging them back in.

Edit: Stats.

Computer troubles (2)

So yeah, after that thing from before the technician didn't fucking come and I had to call them up to send one over again, and when he came he still couldn't fix my laptop, so he said they'd send someone over on Monday or Tuesday to pick it up and bring it back to their service centre to work it out.

Only they didn't.

I called them up on (this would be last week) Tuesday and they said no appointment was ever made and arranged for it to be picked up on Thursday instead. Note that the last technician had also left some spare parts (motherboard and graphics card and whatnot) with me so apparently they don't give a shit if their equipment goes missing.

So anyway, weekend. They sent me a reminder to participate in their stupid customer service survey and so I do. The stupid thing assumes that your problem is already fixed. It isn't, assholes. So yeah, I just answered the thing as honestly as I could. "How would you rate how long it took us to resolve your problem?" "ZERO YOU DUMBFUCKS IT ISN'T EVEN SOLVED YET".

And then yesterday I get an automated call from them.

"Blah blah blah if your problem has been resolved press 1, if not press 2."

Of course I press 2.

"Thank you for your blah blah blah your case has been closed."

What? Fuck you.

So I call them up again and harass them about my laptop, the lady has no idea what's going on and says she'll get the technician in charge of it to e-mail me on when I can expect the thing to be fixed. She even checked my e-mail address with me again spelling it out letter-by-letter with the "B for bravo" stuff to ensure it's all correct, so they definitely have my address right.

I still haven't gotten that e-mail.

Oh, and best part? Today their fucking survey centre had the cheek to call me up and ask me why I said I wasn't satisfied with their service.


I don't think I'll be buying Dell again.

01 November, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas (3)


My second playthrough has come to an abrupt end, in the form of a fucking bug.

Whenever I try to load my latest save the game says it contains DLC content that can't be found (of course it fucking can't, there isn't any fucking DLC released yet) and basically just tells me to go fuck myself and sends me back to the title screen.

My last save from before this was hours back and several quests before.

Fuck you.