20 November, 2010

Dragon Age: Origins

If you haven't noticed from the gamer card, I got and have been playing Dragon Age lately. Game on demand version, which I'm sort of regretting right now after finding out about Awakening and the ultimate edition and deluxe edition and whatever edition and cheaper edition and just fuck you damn it. Didn't I fall for this with Fallout 3?


Anyway, have two characters, but have only been playing the mage> so far (only up to Ostagar with the warrior).

Got the elves and humans to join, only the dwarves left.

Also, killed Flemeth.

Wasn't easy. She knocked out Alistair and I ended up using every last mana-restoring potion I'd hoarded up to that point (I usually don't bother with them because I use Death Syphon to suck MP out of dead enemies).

Level 13 right now, with my specialization in Arcane Warrior. Currently using that Spellweaver thing I picked up in the mountains together with a shield, but plan to swap the shield out for a dagger as soon as I can find one that I can equip and enchant with ice.

Using mostly primal magic (especially ice) with a tiny bit of entropy (animate dead).


Oh hey this is cool.

19 November, 2010

Ruitomo FD cleared

Cleared the Rui wa Tomo wo Yobu fandisc.

...well, that kind of ruined the true ending of Ruitomo. Plus with all the new characters introduced there now seem to be a whole bunch of unresolved plot threads dangling here and there.

Not saying it was bad, quite the contrary, but still, what the fuck?

I'm guessing this means there'll be another FD. Yes please.

Also, I'll just leave this here.

15 November, 2010

Recent loot

Some of the stuff from the last two days.

Day 2 loot

>>Weiss Schwarz Idolmaster DS expansion booster boxes
Been looking for those for ages.

>>Weiss Schwarz Milky Holmes trial deck
Eh, whim.
Don't know why I keep buying trial decks, it's not like I have anyone to play the game with. Or even really know the rules, for that matter.

>>Figuarts Accel
Been meaning to get it for some time.

>>SIC Wild Chalice
To go with King Blade.

>>Ys VS Sora no Kiseki playmat
Exchanged for one of those gold things.

>>Milky Holmes OP single CDs
Not new but I got Kitta's autograph on them.

Got Kokoro's sign card in the trial deck.

Sort of completed the Idolmaster DS set. 36/36 normal, 20/36 parallel (holo) That's enough for me.

Day 2

Went to the screening of the Haruhi movie. It was alright, I guess. Thought this too when reading the books but I love Shoushitsu Nagato.

I like Haruhi. I just don't like the fans.

The audience for Shoushitsu

I stayed around for a bit of the cosplay stuff then went home a bit because I had nothing better to do there (if you saw me online today, well, that's why), going back only for dinner and the concert.

Anyway, cosplay pictures. I got there late because I went for lunch immediately after the Haruhi movie and so missed out on most of it.

Thailand won, Indonesia was second or third, forgot where the other runner-up was from.

Concert was alright, I guess.

14 November, 2010

Day 1 loot

Not too bad.

>>Kiwamidamashii King Blade, Figuarts Faiz
Been meaning to get these for some time. Changed my mind about Accel at the last minute for some reason, may get it him tomorrow.

>>WS Idolmaster boosters
Only got stuff I already had. Bah

>>Ruitomo FD
Ruitomo is awesome.

>>Milky Holmes singles
I've said it before, but I've been watching it lately and like it. Kitta (Cordelia) wasn't there when I was hence the lack of her autograph, maybe tomorrow.

Oh, and one of the WS cards that came with the PSP OP single had an Hercule printed autograph. Yay.

>>Tooko Nendoroid 遠子先輩は俺の嫁
Love Bungakushoujo. Really ought to get round to reading... well, pretty much everything after Souwashuu #1, actually.

>>Demonbane complete works
It's Demonbane. What other reason do I need?

>>Clear Qan[T]
Whim and instincts which render me weak to anything limited. Or clear.
After watching the movie I think this thing will look really nice if I manage to get an appropriately light green light to light it up (wow that sentence looks weird).

>>Figma Nozomi
Favourite character in se・kirara, also was pretty cheap.

Also had my photo taken with the Milky Holmes VAs and Aniki (taking my photo with him has pretty much become an annual event now, really).

JAM had to catch an early flight (they were on the plane before Aniki's part in the concert ended) and I didn't get a chance to take my photo with them. Was planning to have them autograph one of my Suparobo albums too. Bah.

Day 1 (2)

>>Nitroplus is here for some reason. What the hell is an eroge company doing in a country that rules porn illegal?

Selling 18-kin books, apparently.

You can't make them out here but the yellow stickers say "unsuitable for the young" or something.

What is that, PG? Not even NC-16? For books with eroge CGs?


That was weird. And then...

Oh wow forget about eroge CG books, the other stores are selling eroge.

Anyway, from here on is just random photos from wandering around.