04 December, 2010

This week's loot (4th December 2010)

Turns out that just getting the Ultimate Edition would be cheaper than buying all the DLC (including Awakening) separately.

...of course, it would've been best if I'd just bought the Ultimate Edition in the first place. Bah.

Edit: God the PS3 version of Dragon Age sucks. Maybe there's something wrong with my settings but ○ is confirm and × is cancel in menus. That's fine but outside of the menus × is used to open doors and shit so it's really fucking annoying. I've sort of gotten used to that but there're other problems, namely the framerate dropping sometimes when there's too much stuff on the screen (had no such problems with the 360 GoD version) and best of all, the fucking load times.

I mean, sometimes I get a loading message when I talk to someone. Why the fuck?

Let me guess, typical American "let's make the PC and 360 versions first then half-ass the PS3 port durhur", right? Fuck you, EA.

I'm currently playing my mage again. Mostly the same spells, except I'm learning sleep and waking nightmare too this time.

Didn't mention it on the blog but my second playthrough in DA was a chaotic evil (or as close as you can get while saving the world) homicidal dwarf princess, stabbing everyone when given the option in dialogue and purposely trying to screw everyone over. That was fun.

03 December, 2010

Oreimo #7

My copy of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai #7 finally arrived today, just finished reading it.

The series has been getting better lately. I didn't find it all that good at first (though interesting enough for me to keep reading), and the turning point was around #4/5 from which point on I've been enjoying pretty much all of it since. 黒猫カワユス

Also, Kirino actually said something pretty good this time.
Can't help but agree.

I mean fuck usually I get my books pretty fast, but this time Amazon ran out of stock (and as of my writing this it's out of stock again) and I ended up getting this almost a month after release. It's pretty apparent why.

(I'm going to go off on a tangent here, what follows is entirely unrelated so just stop reading here if you're not interested in hearing me bitch.)

That's not too bad, though. What I don't like about stuff (not just ranobe, games too) getting animated is the added exposure. People tend to say that that's for better or for worse, but it seems to me that there's far more worse then better. If you're lucky the show turns out to be crap and retards who've only ever watched it and never touched the source material make fun of it. If you're really lucky the show turns out to be good and... oh look, retards troll it anyway. But now you have the added bonus of retards who've only ever watched it and never touched the source material loving the shit out of it. Which is not a good thing. Look at Haruhi's fanbase.

And it's even worse with the English-speaking so-called fans of such series, because the fuckers just love to act like experts on series based on the two episodes of the TV series they watched.

Back when the adaption of a certain series first started airing, back when I wasn't (relatively) as jaded about Wikipedia as I am now, I was editing the article.

Some dumbfuck tossed in absolute bullshit ("theories" is the term they like to use, I believe) and I removed it. He bitched and demanded to know my source. The fucking book you moron. I proceeded to quote the fucking book at him at which point he said "I don't understand Japanese so there's no point quoting the book at me, give me proper proof".


And the worst part is that that guy is just one of the countless idiots who act like fucking experts on books they haven't read (or games they haven't played) in languages they don't understand.

Look at the Toraha 3 stuff in en.Wikipedia. Go on, I fucking dare you.

The fucktard who wrote this shit is basing it entirely on the OVA which is a gaiden. And so we have stuff like Long becoming "the clover organization" kill yourself asshole.

Nowadays I only edit Wikipedia to toss in random spoilers for stuff that hasn't been translated yet to spite them. And when people remove them I slap them with vandalism warnings because Wikipedia policy says no spoiler warnings are needed or allowed, and that spoilers shouldn't be removed (doing so is vandalism). Har har.

...So, anyway, yeah. In short I just can't fucking wait for the inevitable Haganai TV series.


If only they'd gotten the same illustrator as Ranobe-bu for it...


30 November, 2010

Steam sale

So far I've gotten Left 4 Dead 2 ($2.50) and Beat Hazard ($5).

Kind of enjoying L4D2, especially versus mode. Playing as the infected is fun.

This is my first FPS since Mysteries of the Sith (1998), and I sucked so bad at that I had problems clearing it while cheating. So yeah, I'm not very good at L4D2.


Also got Monkey Island 2 ($2.50).

And the sale's over, so bah.

I came this close to getting Dawn of War II, good thing I didn't because apparently there's a standalone expansion next year with two new races.

29 November, 2010

Banner and avatar

If you haven't already noticed, I messed with the banner and my avatar again.

Just saying.

Here's the previous banner,

And here're some I created but decided not to use. Decided to go with something (relatively) simple but didn't like how they turned out, and ended up making something that looked like the last one. Eh.

And here're avatars I made but didn't use.

28 November, 2010

HG 00 Qan[t] (clear version) 4

00's designs may not be the best around, and the kits may suffer from one too many loose bits, but I'll be damned if they aren't fun to play around with.