11 December, 2010

Stuff (11th December 2010)

Some of my shelves got real weird when I moved most of my Gundam stuff into that new cabinet in my bedroom and I never really got round to fixing them. Hence random rider bikes with Acguy and Psyco Gundam and Nendoroids with Black Selena and Figmas. Eh.

10 December, 2010

Dragon Age: Awakening

Cleared Origins (and most of the DLC) and Awakening on the PS3 a few days ago.

The usual stats.

The Mother was a pretty disappointing battle, the High Dragon before her gave me more trouble.

It was decent, I guess, but the quests didn't seem to have much replay value, unlike Origins'. There's plenty of fun in resetting your characters and changing their builds over and over again, though; I redid my main character six times.

I haven't played Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt yet, maybe later.

08 December, 2010

This year's loot (2010)

Put together all the loot pictures from this year.
This isn't all the stuff I bought this year, of course, but it's most of it.

This week's loot (8th December 2010)

What? I've already pre-ordered 2 too.

Also, being the genius that I am, I forgot to order Hibiki's MA2. Eh. I'll be getting it with Yukiho's later this month, I guess. Or maybe early next month (will be in Japan again).