31 December, 2011

Comic Market 81, day 3

Went later than usual today, bought mainly doujinshi. 35 to be precise, of which 16 were Idolmaster.

Oh and it's still a bit early, but happy new year.

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30 December, 2011

Comic Market 81, day 2

Updating from phone again.

Not much loot today. Stuff I wanted the most all sold out before I could get them. Seriously though, Falcom ran out of fukubukuo and tapestries in UNDER TEN MINUTES AFTER OPENING. What the fuck?

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29 December, 2011

Comic Market 81, day 1

Updating from phone.

Staying in a cheap hotel in Shimbashi, taking the first Yurikamome as usual.

Holy SHIT is it cold.

Anyway, got most of the stuff I wanted today. Only Falcom, Favorite and 5pb left (I'm giving up on 5pb is the line is too long though, I just can't take standing outside freezing; Leaf had me doing so for almost two hours today and I thought I'd die of frostbite or something).

Doujinshi on third day as usual, but I might go browsing tomorrow If whatever I get doesn't weigh me down too heavily.

Edit (1/1/12): Back home, reuploading photos-


Arrival at Ariake


24 December, 2011

22 December, 2011

White Album 2 Closing Chapter (2)



Don't think I'll be leaving the house for the next few days.

d2b VS Deardrops, clear

Definitely one of the better fandiscs I've played. It was just awesome seeing d2b get together again, and the crossover stuff with DD was great too.

And now I want to play Kira Kira again.

21 December, 2011

Missionary work

That wanking sister-lover said he enjoyed Sora no Kiseki FC, but still hasn't gotten SC. So I decided to give him some motivation.

Merry Christmas you uncultured swine!

Today's loot (21st December 2011)

But more importantly...
It's like a year late but no wait seems too long these days thanks to Muv-Luv (where the hell is Chronicles 03 anyway).

19 December, 2011

Disgaea 4 (9)

Got the expansion and a bunch of DLC, just cleared the expansion.

Anyway, the usual:

17 December, 2011

Sonic Generations, Clear

Cleared Sonic Generations. It was... not all that good.
What I liked: Old stages (fuck Chemical Plant though. It wasn't that bad in here but fuck it all the same), the BGM, rival battles.

What I didn't like: Some stages were what the fuck level difficult (hello Speed Highway and Crisis City), boss battles were shit, not enough 2D era stages (the only 3D Sonic I played before this was Heroes so I'm all like who the fuck are these people and what the fuck are these stages and why do the enemies look all weird), short.

The boss battles, god, the boss battles.

The boss battles were what I loved second-most (first is of course running around at high speeds) about the 2D era sonic games. As such the battles in Generations were a total fucking disappointment. And what the hell, one boss every three stages? Screw that.


Also I can't help but feel that they didn't handle switching between classic and modern Sonic very well. Though gameplay is 2D with classic Sonic, they use plenty of fancy 3D camera angles and shit. And modern Sonic has plenty of 2D platforming sequences. As a result instead of feeling like I'm using two different distinct characters, I just feel like I have a mode where I can play normally (modern) and a mode where all my skills are missing (classic). It's just annoying when I want to do a homing attack only to remember that I'm using classic Sonic at the moment.

Oh and while the boss battles were shit, the final boss was beyond shit.