03 November, 2011

Ao no Kiseki

Been meaning to do a write-up on Ao no Kiseki ever since clearing it but just didn't seem to have the time, been kind of busy lately and will be pretty busy till at least the end of the month. Bah.

Anyway yeah, Ao no Kiseki.

First of all, let me say this: It's fucking godlike. Definitely one of the best RPGs I've played lately. Loved... pretty much everything, actually. In fact I can't name anything about it I didn't. Perhaps the secret quests that you miss if you don't scour the entire world at the right timing (I recall picking up Famitsu and looking at the guide to a chapter I'd already cleared and going all what the fuck). But anyway, If FF13 and Tales of Xillia are everything that's wrong with Japanese RPGs, then this is everything right.

Story-wise Sora no Kiseki SC was more in line with my tastes, but the writing remains consistently good and I have to say I like the characters in Zero/Ao more. The antagonists were kind of lacking compared to SC's, but that has less to do with faults with the characters here than to do with Weissman and Löwe being awesome.

I've seen complaints about the ending but as it takes place some years later I thought it was pretty obvious that the actual events will take place over the course of the next series. And since there's no way the Elebonia would just sit back twiddling their thumbs after the stuff that happened, this is way more preferable to another "to be continued", especially since it's going to be continued in a new series.

(Spoilers ahead, highlight to read as usual:) It's pretty obvious that the next game is going to take place in Elebonia what with all the buildup, so Crossbell tying into the story will be a matter of course.

With two of the three higher Sept Therion accounted for some seem to be thinking that the next series will be the last; I, though, am guessing that Ouroboros will just get their hands on it again and then we move on to the climax where their master's plan finally gets put into motion. But anyway, yeah, it's only Time remaining, and Osborne seems to have an almost supernatural ability to keep one step ahead of everyone, including even an assassination attempt on himself in his plans. Suspicious, no?

If the characters do show up in the next series, though, I'm hoping they'll let you carry your save data over. Zero's getting a new release on the Vita, so if the new series is released on it too it's totally possible. Also, it'd be nice to be able to transfer data from Ao PSP to Zero Vita.

I haven't started on my second playthrough yet, but when I do I'm going to be referring to something to do all the hidden quests.

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