24 November, 2011

Skyrim (2)

So yeah, finally got smithing to 100. I went all "NOW I CAN MAKE DRAGON ARMOUR!" then realised that I had all my dragon bones and scales locked up in my cupboard in the magic college. Headed back there to grab them but they were too heavy and I had to leave everything else behind in order to carry them with me.

Nice how the NPCs actually comment on your running around in your underwear.

But anyway yeah, dragon armour. (Note: I'm a mage)

Went back to get more stuff to make a second set of armour for Lydia when a frost dragon decided to attack the college.
That turned out well for him.

After that, I returned to the main quest only to encounter my first elder dragon. I'd had no problems with all the dragons (killed, what, 10+ so far?) I've encountered so far, and that was before I got my spiffy new armour and sword, should be a pushover, right?

Fucker killed me three times.

Got him on my fourth try though. But damn, the dragon armour was useless against its breath.

Anyway, current stats.


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