12 December, 2011

Kamikaze Explorer, clear

Been chipping away at this ever since getting it, just cleared it.

It was alright, I guess, but the nominations in the 2011 Moe Game Awards are kiiiiind of pushing it. Hell, what it actually won is already kind of pushing it (just my opinion but the character design isn't THAT good, and graphics beating Irotoridori no Sekai? You're fucking kidding me).

Some shit (tsunami, Eri, etc.) happening only in some routes and not in others kind of bothered me, and while there weren't really any loose ends left untied it still felt kind of incomplete. Ah well, interesting setting and all, hope for a sequel. Or fandisc even. For Nao.

But anyway yeah, it was decent. Think I'll either clear some of the stuff I've already started on next or perhaps start on Artemis Blue.

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