06 January, 2011

In Japan again

Remember the last time I was here?
>>And only roughly five minutes ago did I realize that I forgot to bring a USB cable or card reader for my photos. Fucking genius I am.
Well I did it again and the computer I'm using REALLY doesn't have a card slot this time.


Also I ended up falling asleep on both the plane and the bus and fell asleep as soon as I reached the hotel and woke up at 1 AM. This is going to do wonders for my sleep cycle. :/

I'll be free tomorrow (well, judging from the time more like today) and Friday, then have stuff to do stuff over the weekend, and will be taking an early flight on Monday because I have shit to do back home on Tuesday. Bah.

Edit: Well that's nice.

Edit: Oh right, also, heard about SRW Z2. HOLY SHIT DAI GUARD FUCK YEAH. How the hell are Getter (Change) and Eureka (movie) going to work, though? Z had Getter G and Eureka TV but they apparently aren't in Z2, so, like, what? They're not units-only because it was stated that the only units-only series are CCA and the Macross F movie.

Ah well, it has Dai Guard and that's enough to make me happy.

05 January, 2011

Off to Japan with me.

Will be back next Monday.


02 January, 2011

Steam Sale (New Year 2011)

That's 25 games and 7 DLC/expansions for about $95. Not bad at all.

...I've spent $95 on the sale?

Damn it I know this tactic. If they had everything on sale at one go people would just buy some stuff and go "that's enough" and that's that. By luring the audience back frequently with promises of new stuff they get people to buy in smaller amounts which will eventually add up to more than what they would've bought at one go because they see it as not one big amount but a bunch of small amounts.

I know all this but fall for it anyway, good job me.

Also damn it I haven't even played some of the games I bought in last year's sale. VERY nice.

Stuff I've played so far...

FEAR- I love the whole time-slowing gimmick because it lets people like me (i.e. people who get kicked from L4D2 for friendly fire) actually hit stuff. Also, you can do awesome shit like hop into the air, shoot a guy in the head, and then kick another guy in the face before landing.

I got bored after a bit because it's hideously repetitive, though. Also the "ooooooooh, creeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyy" music gets annoying after awhile. I mean sure, it's a horror game, you need to have that, but damn it at least play something else while I'm shooting people in the face. Don't play that shit during big fucking firefights.

The horror stuff I've encountered so far is nice but some area bit too cheap or silly. Like the bit where all of a sudden you're wading through a pool of blood in what looks like a hospital. Okay, that's cool. AND THEN SKELETONS POP OUT. Fucking stupid. And then there's the bit where the little girl attacks some Delta Force guys with pyrokinesis. They spontaneously combust and become skeletons lying in big pools of blood. FIRE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Crysis is fun. The nanosuit mode system is cool and lets you handle things in multiple ways. I suck at the game even on easy mode, though.

Kane & Lynch 2 kind of sucks. Also the stupid DURHUR CAMERA SHAKE effect gives me headaches.

Played only a bit of C&C4 so far but I'm already fucking disappointed with what I've seen. Doubly so because I've been a fan of the series since its DOS days. Bah.

Edit: Made this.

The old Jedi Knight games are green because I played them ages ago, FYI.