21 January, 2011

Super Robot Taisen L, clear

Cleared Suparobo L.

My aces from right before the final stage.

You can see how they try to make it more playable by turning up the difficulty but they really failed at it pretty bad. It's just annoying now when you keep running out of energy and SP. It's still not tough at all, just really annoying because you have to waste time going back to recharge and resupply over and over again. The older LOL LOOK I CAN KILL EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE GAME WITH JUST ONE UNIT difficulty was silly but at least more fun.

And it might be harder to just musou through everything, but still not impossible, as you can see from my main character's kill count.

As for the last stage, I sent my strongest units (Rushbird, Dancouga Nova, Gaiking, Linebarrel, Destiny) forwards to tank enemies till the rest of my units got enough kiryoku, then finished off the remaining enemies with Freedom's map attack because I love map attacks.

Final boss was actually kind of tough by Suparobo standards because of the lowered EN and SP for everyone. I chose to ignore the reinforcements and missiles and just tossed everything I had at him, getting him down to 60000 on the first turn and finishing him off on the second, but it was pretty close because most of my units had insufficient EN and SP left- lots already weren't able to use their strongest attacks, let alone with seishin, on the second turn- And the final blow (as in I really had nothing more that could move) did 6500 damage. He had 6400 HP left. Daaaaamn.

I found this a lot more enjoyable than K and J, but W's still better. Then again, W's one of, if not the best of all time.

Anyway, clear data:
I went with all the Linebarrel routes because I've never watched/read it, and the other routes were all Macross F and Destiny. I might go through it again later.

The original stuff didn't stand out very much this time, which is a first in recent years for the main characters (since MX?) and a first EVER for the enemies. It's true that the original characters do stand out too much at times, but that doesn't mean making them not stand out is a solution. Especially when that results in the final boss looking like less of a threat that pretty much everyone you've fought up to that point.

(Beats having this guy around, though)

A couple of more events and attacks for the main characters, and maybe having the Rushbird and Straybird actually combine, and earlier, would have been nice.

Great probably stands out more if you go through the Destiny routes (which I didn't) due to the Archangel chasing after them and all, I'll have to check that out in my second playthrough.

Also, now that I think about it, I only did clear K once. Guess it was just that bad.


Oh, and I like what they did with Destiny in L.

I didn't go on any of the route splits because it was usually between Destiny/Frontier and Linebarrel, and of those three Linebarrel's the only one I haven't seen, but after one of the routes splits the other guys came back from Berlin and

Shin: "Oh hey we were in Berlin and that Freedom guy helped me save Stellar, he's actually pretty cool."
Talia: "Actually we pretended to to help them escape detection hur hur"
Shin: "That Kira guy is really nice."


Durandal still goes all HURRRR DESTINY PLAN near the end but only Rey joins him, and once he's defeated he says that while he was fighting for what he believed in deep down he wanted you to beat him.

And on the next stage Neos Gold puts up a shield or something that you can't pierce... and then Durandal shows up and saves your asses by crashing the Messiah into her.

There's no LOL EVERYONE STOP FIGHTING bullshit at all and the Archangel goes around chasing the original enemies instead.


Edit: I think I'll start on Graces soon. I tried to start on Star Ocean 4 but when it went "Once upon a time Saddam and America nuked each other HERE HAVE A MILLION-PAGE BATTLE TUTORIAL" I went "no thanks". Maybe later.

18 January, 2011

Playing Concerto Note

These sound familiar.

Edit: Cleared Concerto Note (also Mamarabu last week). It was good. Just saying.