29 January, 2011

Axanael, true ending clear

Old picture, I've actually gotten 6/10 endings.

The game's pretty good but a bit disappointing. I don't know, it seems to me like the system isn't using its full potential. Maybe if the kagome-asobi were closer to the beginning than to the end, and maybe if some of the outcomes would affect things more. Seriously, almost nothing changes even when some people die, why the fuck?

Also, what's the point of having multiple protagonists if they're barely going to interact with each other?

The setting and characters are decent but the story itself doesn't really seem to go anywhere at all. Good thing the individual scenes are interesting enough to make up for that.

Some of the endings are pretty half-assed, too, with barely anything changing aside from some people not showing up due to being dead.


All that being said, I still enjoyed it somewhat. Just nowhere as much as Sumaga.

Seeing the true ending so early has sort of sapped at my desire to continue with the game for now, so 6/10 is probably where it'll stay for some time. This also applies to Concerto Note but damn it seal off the true route till the other stuff is done. Seriously. Gah.

Also, I had problems running the game because the laptop I usually use for games wouldn't run it right (same problem with Sumaga, text just doesn't display at all) and my stupid desktop's disc drive refuses to open for some reason even when I stick shit in the hole. That thus left me with the ancient laptop I've been barely using at all for ages (only time I used it that I can remember was a bit back when my good laptop was with Dell for repairs).

Let's see, requirements for Axanael:

>>Pentium4 3GHz 以上必須/Core2Duo以上推奨

What my old laptop has:

>>1.60 GHz CPU

Loading is sloooooow. Hell, fuck loading, the game freezes up for minutes at a time sometimes whenever fancy effects are about to be used. It's crashed on me a few times too. Gah.

Ah well, time to look for something else to play.

And on an entirely unrelated note, this is now my wallpaper.

Edit: By the way, speaking of Nitro...

What happened to Dogra Q, anyway?

28 January, 2011

Tales of Graces F, clear (really)

And here's the usual.

That was kind of disappointing, but eh. Also, at least both endings (main story and extra) were tons more satisfying than Vesperia's.

25 January, 2011

Tales of Graces F, clear (sort of)

As usual, stats as of the end of the game.

It was alright, but I enjoyed Vesperia more. Also, is it just me or did Vesperia have a way lot more content?

The story was a bit too simple for my tastes. There are archetypal RPG stories, and then there're generic ones. This was a bit too close to the latter for me. Seriously, it's like someone took a bunch of other games, selected the least interesting portions, and then slapped them together and called it a day.


Ah well, the characters were likeable, at least, and I loved the dualization system.

I like the battle system in here more than Vesperia's but somehow didn't enjoy it as much. It's still one of my favourite Tales battle systems, though. Then again it's probably less to do with me liking this and more to do with me hating other systems (boring Rebirth and Abyss come to mind, as do lolwut Legendia and what-the-fuck-is-going-on-here Destiny 2).

Haven't started on the future portion yet, will do so soon (hence the "sort of" in this post title).

Totally unrelated but I got Asbel the Hasewo costume just because. Why doesn't Malik have an Ovan costume?