12 February, 2011

Today on Xbox Live

Great job you guys are doing, Microsoft! Keep it up!

Just another day on IRC


Stuff (February 2011)

Haven't done one of these in ages. Time to remedy that.

Wireless keyboard and mouse means I can use my computer from my bed.
Which I do. All the time.
It does wonders for my back and neck sometimes.

Been doing a bit of reading lately (latest Amazon order just arrived a few days ago).

Gunpla (and two Patlabor kits).

Books and CDs (mostly)

TV setup. The small table on the right is where my other laptop is (it's inside, the thing unfolds). I had to use it to play Axanael (hooked it up to the TV) because my good laptop bugs it up and my desktop's disc drive isn't working. Gah.
Also convenient for icup noodles and so on.

I really ought to put things back where they belong.

Old magazines.

The usual.
Reorganized here a bit. Muv-Luv x2, Leaf/Key + Maruto, others.

Smaller stuff.

Not much changed here.

Riders were rearranged recently.

Nothing changed here.
G Falcon is work in progress. And I REALLY need to do something about those old Gunpla boxes.
Finally got round to building the DX's equipment the other day. Till then I was content with displaying it with the twin satellite cannon out, but playing Suparobo Z again changed my mind.

I REALLY need to clear this place up someday.

And now individual shelves, one by one:

Edit (19th February): Photos of some other stuff I left out.


Ranobe and CDs:


Old magazines: