03 March, 2011

Disgaea 4 (3)

Cleared the main story.

The ending sucked and the final boss was pathetic.

I'm not just talking about how tough he was (that's not the game's fault because I was almost a hundred levels higher than him), he had a whopping single special attack and was just that same old guy only floating and in 2P colours and with a big sword. A sword that you also have, mind you (just smaller).


Spoilers ahead:



Yeah, he went down in two turns.

02 March, 2011

Disgaea 4 (2)

(Old picture, he's at like level 110 now)

I'm totally going to get him a ZO Sword later.

28 February, 2011

Disgaea 4

(Alex for scale)

You know, I'm used to limited edition stuff having boxes that are mostly padding or even just empty space, but...

Fucking come on.

Idolmaster 2 (9)

Cleared my third playthrough.

Makoto, Chihaya and Yukiho.
Unit name: Saishuujigoku
(Inspired by the my gamertag's origin's origin's source's thing's strongest attack)

Jupiter is really kind of a joke by this point.

I'd gotten into the top ten by my third song so their stuff was kind of pathetic.
Their very last song DID manage to get past Relations for a bit but then I just got a break and that was that. The break came kind of late, though, week 54 was only its second.

All awards.

The usual stats.


Got promoted two ranks as a result of the S. Yay me.

Not sure if I should start on someone new next, or go back to getting the true endings for Chihaya and Hibiki, or start on Disgaea 4.

Maybe Disgaea 4.


27 February, 2011

Idolmaster 2 (8)

Cleared my second playthrough.
Unit was Hibiki, Makoto and Chihaya.

Regular loadout.

Fes loadout.

Me versus Jupiter.

Got Relations to #1 with a break.




Forgot to mention this before, but the ending has P heading for Hollywood to study for a year.

Considering how a year is the time period each game takes place in, I'm guessing that the next game will take place in America where he raises a new idol unit (the characters from 1 and 2 will have cameos). In 4 he returns to Japan and the characters from 3 show up too for the grand finale.

Idolmaster 4?

Anyway, Makoto will be my next leader. Going to try aiming for all the awards this time.

Not sure what to name my next unit. Top candidates are Alpha Numbers, Magnate X (because having ten in the name of a three-person unit is silly), and Blue Swear (will probably be saving that for a future unit with Chihaya as leader, though).