17 March, 2011

Idolmaster 2 (10)

Had this lying around, forgot to upload it.

This week's loot (17th March 2011)

Looks like I'm going to be stuck here for some time so it's back to buying stuff again.

Unfortunately I'm too sick (fever of 38.4℃) to play any games right now. For too long, at least; I've tried. So yeah, Dragon Age II will have to wait.

And yeah I already had a bunch of Air DVDs, it's just that this complete set was fucking $15. Really should've just waited for this instead of getting those. Bah.

Edit (18th March): Got MvC3.

15 March, 2011


Well, my flights have been cancelled and my transfer officially put off till further notice.

14 March, 2011

>>Headline: "The great earthquake was divine punishment", "wash away greed with the tsunami" Governor Ishihara

Hm. Didn't I hear something similar sometime before?