26 March, 2011

Super Robot Taisen OG The Inspectors #25

This show is... well, pretty bad, in all honesty.

But for fans it's just fucking awesome (picture not really related). I mean, this week's had Gilliam with his Apollon mask. With the Hero Senki theme. Fucking yeah.


Since I'm leaving for Japan soon.

23 March, 2011

Marvel VS Capcom 3

Current stats.

Cleared Dragon Age II

It was pretty disappointing all-round.

The battle system was alright but enemies with way too much health and annoying as fuck assassins and rage demons that keep vanishing and reappearing took away a lot of the fun.

The writing wasn't exactly stellar to begin with but it just went fuckstupid at the end. It might have been a better with a bit foreshadowing (one fucking letter for the mage and one fucking line from Varric's brother for Meredith don't count).

In the end nothing about the stupid idol or the city and its relation to all the blood mages is explained (in fact unless you look you don't even KNOW that the city has anything to do with the blood mages and are forced to just assume that all the NPCs are retarded), and instead of an epilogue telling you what happens after you just get AND THEN THERE WAS WAR AND EVERYONE VANISHED. THE WARDEN TOO. OH HEY LOOK IT'S LELIANA, TO BE CONTINUED. Fuck you.

Seriously though, the third part was just terrible. Throughout the game I was partial to the mages (having played one first in Origins and of course having Bethany around in II) but all of a sudden comes third bit where all of a sudden the mages (even the ones I rescued before) decide that I'm trying to kill them and respond by just attacking me on sight. And then other mages go nuts too and do stupid shit. And then Anders, fucking Anders, goes and bombs the fucking church. And THEN the elf guy who seemed to be the only fucking reasonable NPC in the game turned out to have been a fucking psycho who was hanging out with the guy who murdered your mother and uses blood magic to turn into a fat zombie demon monster thing.

Oh and Meredith who seemed to have been just a paranoid overzealous mage-hater, with decent motives (she just wants to protect the city, judging from part 3 the mages really ARE just a bunch of psycho retard demon-worshippers, and her sister was a mage who got possessed by a demon and murdered her whole family)? Oh hey she's possessed by an evil magic sword.

Fucking stupid.


Ah well, now that I know everyone is irredeemably stupid I won't feel as bad when I start on my inevitable crazy asshole character playthrough.

I think I'll probably do another of those in the PS3 version of Origins first so I can import the save, though. Haven't done one in Awakening yet either.

Leaving for Japan on the 29th

Didn't get the news that I'll be going over anyway till yesterday.

Haven't packed a thing. Nice.