02 April, 2011


Apparently some people are avoiding Japanese seafood because of radioactive shit pouring into the sea or whatever.

Not that I care in the least.

In Japan (4)

Busy busy busy, moving in tomorrow instead. Don't even have pillows yet.

I've already gotten a transformer for my consoles, though, and my TV (32 inches since my place is pretty small) is arriving on Monday. Hey, priorities.

31 March, 2011

In Japan (3)

My DSLR's all packed up, so using my new iPhone to take photos.
View from hotel room.

New earphones (again).

30 March, 2011

In Japan (2)

Got registered and got my new iPhone. Yay.

I previously synched with my desktop so now I have to redownload all my apps.

And recreate all my playlists.

Damn it.

29 March, 2011

In Japan


In a hotel now, moving in on the 2nd. Have to go register for stuff and buy shit.