08 April, 2011

Soul of Chogokin GX-48 The Big O


Wanted the first toy I bought after moving in here to be something special, and after a bit of browsing got this thing (helped that it was on sale for 9000).

Love it.

This week's loot (8th April 2011)

Well, it's certainly been some time since I last did one of these, hasn't it?
I really ought to get an SD card reader soon because damn the iPhone sucks at photography.

Been meaning to get Otomedius for some time. It's Gradius with Busou Shinki, what's there not to like?

Front Mission Evolved was 790 yen. I've heard about how bad it is but you can build, paint and pilot your own giant fucking robots, that's got to be worth something.

I got ACE P and Valkyria 3 a few days ago and played a bit of both. ACE P kind of sucks, and Valkyria 3 is more of the same (I'm enjoying it more than 2, though).


Anyway, first figure I've gotten here is the goukin Big O. Yay.

I'm not going to bother getting that set of extra parts for it. Plenty (hell, the majority) of robots look awesome in motion, with fancy poses and flashy attacks and weapons and shit. The Big O's not one of them, I think. It's at its best when it just stands there, looking imposing, like some fancy statue. And a fancy statue is what it looks like, it's practically a work of art. Most robots look cool, some you might even call sexy, but Big O is one of the few that can be described as dignified.

Totally unrelated but apparently there was a pretty big earthquake last night. I was asleep but sort of aware of it, and when I woke up in the morning and the room remained utterly unchanged I wrote it off as being a dream and only till was I asked about it did I realise that it actually happened.

A local I know here said that last night's was pretty big and we probably won't be getting any bigger than it for some time. That's a good thing to hear, considering how last night's wasn't even big enough to knock over the Xbox 360 I have standing on the floor.

This fat bugger. He laughs at you, puny quake.

So, anyway.

Oh and that doesn't look like much, right? Well, that's because I loaded a metric fuckton of games and DVDs into a CD carrying... pouch, case... thing. Whatever those things are called.

So yeah, that's all for today I guess.

Edit: Hey, there's no Busoushinki in this version of Otomedius.

Looks like the version I wanted was Excellent, not Gorgeous.


Edit (10th April 2011): Went shopping for a pair of speakers and an SD card reader, ended up with this.


Self-control? Sorry, never heard of them, I don't listen to contemporary rock.

05 April, 2011

A revelation

Back home I had a housekeeper coming into clean up the house twice a week. I have no need for one over here because my room is fucking tiny.

So, anyway, over here. Lunch today was some tonkatsu (just two hire katsu) I bought from a small shop near my place. It wasn't till I got back to the room that I realized that I'd probably get crumbs and shit all over and have to clean up if I ate them in here.

So I ate them over the basin.

And that's when I realised it. Holy shit, I'm Monica from Friends.

Edit: Totally unrelated but I set up the 360. I'll just leave this here.

04 April, 2011

Finally moved in

Set up the TV and computer first. Priorities.

Fuck though I'm busy. And my memory's as bad as usual which means I've done shit like bought pillows but no pillow cases, bought a ton of toilet paper after forgetting that I'd already bought a ton, and forgetting where I kept my towels.

Still haven't collected my seal (it's been ready since Saturday but I've been too busy to go pick it up) and haven't opened my bank account yet (currently paying for everything with cash and my own, non-Japanese cards).


But hey, I can play eroge on a big screen, that's a start, right? Like I said, priorities.

Oh and I bought a chair but the fucking thing won't arrive till next Saturday so I'm sitting on my fucking dustbin till then. Nice.