06 May, 2011

Arkham Asylum

Cleared the game yesterday. It's bloody terrific.

Damn, though. I got the Japanese version because I'm here in Japan and all and the translation is terrible. Half the things people say are left out of the subtitles, half of what's left is the translator making wild guesses and missing, and half of what's left after that is just good old bad translations (Riddler says something about me not solving three quarters of his riddles, the subtitles translate three quarters as 三分の一 what the fuck?).

04 May, 2011

Loot (4th, 7th May 2011)

Went shopping today.

So yeah, Busoushinki. Strarf Mk II is nice, put it together, and then looked for the code.

No code.

Wait, what?

Google got me this.

So, to sum it up according to what's there...

Konami: "Oh hey buy our toys and can use them in the online game!"
Users: "Dude I bought this shinki like a million years ago and you still haven't included it in the game."

What the fuck.

I am raging ever so hard right now.

Edit (5th May 2011):

Edit (7th May 2011): More stuff.

Thank god for unlimited internet plans.

01 May, 2011

Loot (1st May 2011) / Stuff (2nd May 2011)

Edit (2nd May 2011): Got Robot Damashii Gawain too. And just for the hell of it, current state of the collection here so far-

Edit (2nd May 2011): Also got these spiffy DIY shelf-things. Not bad at all for 1000 yen each.

Edit (3rd May 2011): Got another two of those shelf things. They may not look very good, but hey, 1000 yen. Also they're probably sturdier than Ikea shit.