19 May, 2011

Games, etc.

I've done some stuff over the past 2-3 weeks that I haven't really been able to write about here due to being too exhausted, but I figure I'll give it a try today.

Front Mission Evolved.
Nowhere as bad as people made it out to be. Sure the story and acting were terrible, and there were a couple of really frustrating portions, but overall it was actually pretty good for a robot game.

I understand why fans of the series might hate it. I, however, have never played any of it except for Gun Hazard and 5, and 5 annoyed me away halfway through (FUCKING HELICOPTERS) so I had no tinted glasses to look through. And what I saw was a decent, fun robot game. A game where you can paint you robot green and wheel around the ground firing missiles and punching things pretending you're a Scopedog, or where you can load up a ton of big guns and go all Heavyarms. I enjoyed it.

Series fans aside, the media and unwashed masses seem to have hated it, but I pretty much said all there is to be said about them a long time ago. And it's a fucking action game, who cares about the shit story? It's practically western anyway, and the story is actually pretty good compared to the average western action game (DURRR THERE BE BAD PEOPLES WIT GUNS, YOU GO SHOOTYS DEM; Note that I don't play many western action games but fuck, you guys are judgemental dicks about games COUGHjapaneserpgsCOUGH you barely play, I reserve my right to be one too).

Batman: Arkham Asylum
Got the Japanese version, with its horrible horrible translation job. Guy doing the translation obviously can't pick up half of what's being said, is making wild guesses at half of what remains, and is totally wrong at half of what's left after that.

But hey, dialogue is in English so screw the subtitles.

This game was just fucking awesome. Really nothing more to be said.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai #8
Read this on the Shinkansen to and from Shizuoka. No ota antics this time, but more Kuroneko which is very oretoku. Didn't like the series all that much at first, but it got better at around #3-4 (can't remember which) and I've been enjoying it ever since. Not much to say about this either. And speaking of light novels I really need to get round to reading Date A Live.

Gyakuten Kenji 2
Been chipping away at this slowly, up to the final chapter. There're more confusing parts- not in a "WHO DID IT!?" way but in a "I have the fucking evidence and know what it means, which part of this statement am I supposed to stick it into?"- than 1, but it's still pretty enjoyable. Also enjoy it way more than Saiban 4 (then again 4 was crap) and love the whole logic system. Makes way more sense than the silly psychic shit in Naruhodo's games (just for the record I loved those, just not as much as Mitsurugi's) and oh god I HAVE A MAGIC BRACELET! I SEE YOU ARE SCRATCHING YOUR ARMPIT, YOU MUST BE LYING! THIS CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU IN A COURT OF LAW. But anyway yeah, just cleared the fourth chapter of 2 and it's been awesome all the way so far.

Edit (21st May): Cleared Kenji 2 last night. That was fantastic.