25 June, 2011

Idolmaster 6th Anniversary Live (2)

Just got back.

Second floor balcony seat.

Loot. Got the last three MA2 CDs I was missing, partially because I wanted more uchiwa too.

Live was great. When the fuck are we getting the full version of LMG? Preferably in the form of a Hibiki solo? Oh wait I'm still waiting for Azusa and Yukiho (*Yurisii)'s solos of Kami-sama no Birthday damn it.

Edit: Oh and I got Azusa's MA2 on its release date, if you're wondering.

Edit: Oh and

Stuff (25th June 2011)

24 June, 2011


It's here.

Installing already.

I doubt it'll be able to surpass Little Busters, but then again I doubted that Little Busters would be able to surpass Clannad (don't know or care what other people think but for me, at least, it certainly did. By a massive deal). So yeah, we'll see.

23 June, 2011


So yeah, I keep seeing people make a big deal out of this thing. Yes Kojima's cool, and yes being able to transfer saves between platforms would be really awesome (I still haven't played any of Otoboku 2 PSP because of the lack of such a feature).

But anyway yeah, what I wanted to say is this.

Why are people acting like this is such a new thing when Routes PS2/PE did it over four years ago?

19 June, 2011

Steins;gate FD, clear

Just cleared the Steins;gate FD.

Whoops, wrong image.

Playtime includes times I left the thing on while munching on lunch or showered or suddenly decided to mess with the Seravee/Alteisen/Dendou/Shinkirou/Takemikaduchi's pose or you get the idea, actual playtime is maybe around 16 hours which means roughly 2.5 hours per route (after you exclude the prologue).

So yeah pretty good (except for Ruka's route which kind of sucked) but wayyyyyyyyy too short.

Pity it's all parallel, too. I really would've liked to see something taking place after the true end.

Marvel VS Capcom 3

Had the 360 set up again for the Shutage FD, and played a bit of MvC3 today (well, yesterday going by the current time).

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