02 July, 2011

Dengeki Stryker, clear

(Picture mostly unrelated.)

Cleared it yesterday night, to be precise.

And started on it yesterday too.

I cleared it in one day.

On a working day.

What. The. FUCK?

Let's see, thoughts.

They have stuff all over depicting all five Strykers together, but you never fucking ever see more than two together. Ever. Because no more than three even fucking ever exist at the same time. Oh and everyone besides Zero barely did anything at all. And it's not just the Strykers, there's a whole bunch of characters who did so little they might as well not even have fucking existed. Gah.

The first route has nothing to do with anything else and might as well be a totally different game going by Mirror and all. And the ending sucked. The second route was decent but leads directly to the third which kind of ruined everything. Also fucking nothing was explained about the memory collector and the ending kind of didn't make any fucking sense because isn't Yamato (Zero) kind of the kid who made the deal to become Stryker Zero and not really a fucking comic book character? But it'd be silly to leave him behind of course because Sayaka is and the true ending in the third route takes place after her route. Conclusion? The writer fucking sucks.

Did I mention how this is full fucking price?

Fuck you.

Edit: Oh, right, more to mention.

Mirror gets kid Yamato's memories. Somehow this means he gets kid Yamato's entire personality/soul/whatever and can talk to him and shit. That makes no fucking sense.

But wait, it doesn't stop there!

Haruna (real) lost all her memories and Mirroryamato gives her all of his. Going by the above logic shouldn't that kind of make her him?


Edit: Wait, there's more.

Yamato (Zero) says they should keep comic book characters out of the real world and manages to get the collector to send them all back because he's the guy who made the contract in the first place (this means he's a real person and not a fucking comic character which outright contradicts how he fucking vanishes after cancelling the contract but whatever).

But wait.

Didn't Haruna (real) get her Stryker powers from a different contract?

01 July, 2011

Got Super IV Arcade Edition

Can't be bothered to take a photo but yeah, got a hard copy (thinking of avoiding buying downloads from now on thanks to the whole Sony thing).

Also, just noticed that the blog's hit counter is past 10,000 now. Cool.

29 June, 2011

Loot (29th June 2011)

So, anyway, cleared most of Akatsuki no Goei. First game was good but incomplete, FD was decent (it completed the first game, for one thing. Except for Reika's route but I'll get to that later), Shuumatsuron was decent at points but mostly terrible at the end. Kiyomi and Akemi routes were decent (Kiyomi's got pretty bad at the end, though), everything else wasn't very good. And what the fuck is up with the way Reika is handled, isn't she supposed to be the main fucking heroine, she gets left out of the FD and she gets another route in the sequel but it's totally fucking unrelated to her route in the first game even though there was stuff left unresolved in her route in the first game (what the fuck happened to the person in the school who knows about Kaito's past?) plus it's crap at the end and typically the true route is left for last but after you clear her's you unlock a whole bunch of new routes with a new fucking OP what the fuck.

I like the characters, which makes Shuumatsuron all that much more disappointing. Bah.

Anyway, now playing Rewrite.

As you can see I've gotten Alternative Chronicles 02 but I still haven't cleared 01. Really ought to get round to doing so.