28 July, 2011

Today on IRC

So, heard about Ultimate MvC3.

Unrelated but I cleared Ryuu ga Gotoku of the End a few days ago. It was decent, aside from the fucking horrible camera.

24 July, 2011

Rewrite (3)

It got decent at the end but was pretty eh all-round. Way too much of things only showing up once and despite being really important (enough so that you'd assume they'd actually matter in other routes) not showing up at all anywhere else. Even if you look at it as something on its own (without judging it too harshly due to, you know, Key and all) it's not all that great. Above average at best, I'd say.

I enjoyed the common route, at least, and the epilogue was decent I guess. Would be nice to have a fandisc or something taking place after the ending where they just go around investigating occult stuff, but of course we'll never get one. Eh.

Personally, Kotori's route was pretty bad (it was thanks to doing that first that I ended up tossing the game onto my backlog for some time), Shizuru's wasn't very good, Chihaya's and Akane's were decent (the very last bits of Akane's sucked though, and Chihaya's route was totally a different game), and Lucia's was alright until the church. Moon was eh, Terra was alright, epilogue was better than the rest of Terra.

Second OP was cool too. Also the music was great.

Other miscellaneous complaints would be the map sequences (screw those, seriously) and lack of tachie for way too many characters who really ought to have had them- Inoue, Tsukuno, Suzaki, Takasago, Jasmine, and Louis at the very least. Also the effects for the fights kind of sucked, they should've made more event CGs for those. And even though Kilimanjaro got a CG, Midou's thing didn't even get a picture and was just a shitty fire effect, what the fuck? I'm not asking for Muv-Luv Alternative here, just a couple more pictures would've been enough to make things a lot better.


WF stuff

(May update this post with more stuff later. Maybe.)



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