04 August, 2011

Devil Survivor 2 (3)

Cleared the game.

Final boss was awesome. I sent Fumi in to clear the way and ended up taking out his first two forms with her pretty easily, but then the final form showed up and the infinite range physical attacks wiped out pretty much my entire party except for the main character whose team was equipped with physical reflect. He fended off the teleporting Ganeshas easily and went straight for Polaris A, taking a Supernova in the face in the process, but he healed up easily (had Tokoyo no Inori equipped on him) and took the bastard down in two turns. It helped that the guy only used that powerful physical attack, too.

Ending was eh. Would've been nice to at least be able to see what happens to the characters in the end. Even a small text box like in Suikoden would be nice.

Anyway, time for my second playthrough, I guess.