15 August, 2011

Comic Market 80 loot

Muv-Luv (two sets from Age, one from 5pb)
Steins;gate set from 5pb and the Nekoneko and Cotton sets

Grisaia set from Frontwing, Idolmaster goods from TBS, White Album 2 drama CD from Aquaplus

Sucre set from Giga, Sinsemilla set and Ruitomo goods from Akabee, CD set from Haikuo.


Lots of Haganai! Yes please.

Holy shit a Wild Arms 2 book.

14 August, 2011

Comic Market 80, day 3

Ended up buying too many doujinshi (measured by how much my arm hurt from carrying the lot) and not seeing the cosplay at all. Eh.

Will post photos and the usual loot post tomorrow or the day after, seem to have come down with something nasty.

Edit: Photos!