27 August, 2011

Today's loot (27th/28th August 2011)

Context for the card stuff: It hasn't arrived yet but I have a box of Idolmaster 2 Weiss Schwarz ordered.

Edit (28th August):
Cards arrived! Also Mingos book.

26 August, 2011

Dawn of War II (3)

Cleared Retribution's campaign mode.

It was nice to finally have closure to the Blood Ravens' story and all but damn they fucked this up real bad. Gabriel not showing up till the very end was expected, but him getting (almost) killed without scratching the guy? Screw that. And fuck Gabriel, what about, you know, the guy you were fucking playing as in II and Chaos Rising? As in the guy who's supposed to be the main fucking character of Dawn of War II? Hell, where's Thule? And the bit with the stuff from the demon from DoW 1 was just tacked on, wasn't it? Ugh.

Just fucking disappointing.

I know, campaigns for all the races. But fuck, if it's going to be this shitty screw the other races, I would've preferred a proper fucking campaign that settled all that stuff in a satisfying matter, not this NO KYRAS YOU ARE THE DEMONS AND THEN GABRIEL WAS CHAPTER MASTER THE END bullshit.


Eh, custom badges.

23 August, 2011

Dawn of War II

Cleared regular DoW II and Chaos Rising. Only Retribution left to go.

The game's pretty cool.

And yes I set the difficulty to pussy mode because I suck.

22 August, 2011

Full Metal Panic Another #1

Read the book.

It was... alright, I guess.

It wasn't bad. I've read plenty of series that were so terrible in their first book that I avoided them entirely from then on. This wasn't one of those.

It wasn't very good either, though- It's clearly amateur level.

Ah well, hope it improves.